Awesome Tips for Remote Workers


I love working from wifi (I don't call it working from home because I travel often). My sister said that she would not benefit from the schedule because it doesn't work with her personality. This got me to thinking...maybe I should share some of my tips for other people that want to increase their productivity!

  • Start your day off right - don't jump right into work. Wake up with a smile, be thankful that you are alive and well, and get some energy flowing! One way to do this is by making a smoothie bowl. Here's my loose recipe: greek yogurt, 1 banana, protein powder, spinach/kale, coconut oil, 3-6-9 Omega oil, sometimes I add juice, sometimes I add nuts, sometimes I add veggies like carrots - blend until liquified. Next, add frozen fruit and blend until it's thick. Top with your granola of choice and add local honey (the local honey is best to minimize allergies). Enjoy with a spoon while reading/watching industry news articles!
  • When I am on a long phone call I do light cleaning so that my mind is focused and my house is clean. I certainly don't do dishes when I'm on the phone because it is too loud, but it is a great time to put laundry away, sweep, or clean the counters. You will feel much more relaxed in a clean environment.
  • Change up your workspace. Sometimes I work from my bed, other times I sit at the kitchen table, and I actually enjoy working standing up! If you work standing up, put a mat under your feet (I borrow the one from the kitchen) so that your feet don't get sore.
  • If you're on the phone a lot, get a headset that you LOVE. I absolutely love my headset and I am so thankful that my coworker suggested it to me, my ears and head never hurt and I don't have to deal with wires so I can walk around easily.
  • Smile! You can't deny the effectiveness of a smile, they are contagious! NPR shares a story that you can hear a smile over the phone, and I know it's true because people listen longer and seem happier when I am smiling.
  • If your energy is low, take a power nap! Napping boosts productivity. I don't nap every day, but sometimes I just find it to be necessary. When I nap, I usually nap for 5-25 minutes and then I get up ready to rock! Even just a 10 minute nap can increase alertness and improve cognition. “A brief nap may provide greater alertness for several hours, and can improve attention, concentration, accuracy, and productivity,” says Dr. Neubauer. Set your alarm for an appropriate time and get up when it goes off. I actually set 4 alarms (the last one is an annoying noise) so that I can maintain my work schedule.
  • If you are feeling frustrated with work, go for a five minute walk around the block. Take your dog if you have one, if not take a few photos of something cool and send them to your mom/dad, they will appreciate it! Walking is good for you, here's why!
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I hope that these tips can help some of my friends as well as fellow members of the fellow "working from wherever" community! Have a splendid Sunday and enjoy your Monday!! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms (and single dad's that play both roles) out there!

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on May 8, 2016:



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