Everywhere and Nowhere at All #WhereIWork

No need to beat around the bush, I was born in 1984 and I am a millennial. You can love us, hate us, or pretend we don’t exist. Regardless, we are taking over the workforce and changing the way that companies create cultures all across the globe.

Like many of my fellow millennials, my ideal workplace is not location or industry specific. Rather, I am drawn to professional opportunities that allow for a combination of schedule flexibility, remote work capability, self leadership, and humanitarian service.

I geek out on culture. My background is in psychology, personal development, healing arts, and diversity and inclusion. When considering a new opportunity, I look for the presence of positive psychology principles, solution focused thinking, a growth mindset, healthy boundaries, healthy communication, and mutual respect.

The last 3 or 4 years of my life were spent working remotely. During this period most of my working hours were spent in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, airport terminals, or hanging out on my porch. I functioned as an executive assistant, life coach, business coach, VP of an education consulting firm, and an advisory board member.

However, after about 3 years of working remotely from my computer, I became a bit more sedentary than I was comfortable with.

So I began to dabble in the sharing economy; driving for Uber and hosting for Airbnb. I got back into child care to renew my inner child and playful spirit. These gigs made me realize how lonely I had become and reminded me that human connection is a powerful and vital force.

I reached out to some friends, friends I knew to be adventurous extroverted humanitarians just like me. They confirmed that they too felt a need for less time in front of the computer and more time connecting with others and with nature.

Together we joined forces to Co-Found Rebel+ Connect. In doing so we not only created an ideal work scenario for ourselves, but an opportunity to help remote teams build meaningful relationships with each other and the planet.

We guide our clients through a signature process helping them use retreats as a strategic tool that enhances worker experience and company culture. These engaging and adventurous custom retreats are effective, because they integrate cutting edge social science, individual company values, positive community impact, proximity to natural beauty, and cultural immersion.

Our company culture is built on core values of:

  • Connection: Self, others, and the planet!
  • Harmony: Work, play, rest, repeat!
  • Innovation: Rebel against the norm!
  • Adventure: Experience the diversity of the world we live in!
  • Responsibility: Be of service to the world!
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These values inform our beliefs and our bigger purpose:

  • We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is the spirit noticing problems and identifying well thought out solutions. All of our retreats include a community outreach component of the client’s choosing. This outreach can range from an educational talk to hands on community service.
  • We believe that female empowerment benefits everyone and starts with each woman finding her unique voice and achieving financial independence. So 10% of all Rebel + Connect coaching and consulting profits are used to provide microloans to female entrepreneurs from across the globe.
  • We believe that local communities are the backbone of society and these local communities must be celebrated and supported. All profits from our annual event will be donated to a charity that serves the host community and we will support our clients in making donations to the communities that host their custom retreats.
  • We believe that life is made better through shared experiences, opportunities to explore the amazing diversity this planet has to offer, optimal health, and personal development. So our retreats bring remote teams together in real time to explore concepts like leadership, team building, and health & wellness in multicultural and experiential ways.
  • We believe that the future is in collaboration rather than ruthless competition. That's why win-win partnerships, with travel, event, health & wellness, and coaching & training professionals are the foundation of the work we do at Rebel + Connect. Our network of vetted service providers not only gives our clients access to high quality retreat resources, but also allows us to honor and celebrate the amazing entrepreneurial professionals in our individual industries.
  • We believe that knowledge gives power, not over others, but over ourselves and our realities. Our blog, podcast, and webinars all provide educational content at no cost. We also moderate a free LinkedIn group “Remote Leadership Think Tank” where leaders of remote teams can ask questions, offer support, discuss relevant topics, and brainstorm with like-minded professionals.

Just like money and fine things, an ideal work scenario is much sweeter when you have people to share it with. Being a part of this amazing team is a dream come true. This is #WhereIWork and I am so excited that I get to wake up everyday and do my part to bring this vision into it's fullest expression!

Stay tuned!

Originally Published on LinkedIn Pulse: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whereiwork-everywhere-nowhere-all-charlie-birch?trk=prof-post


Rebel + Connect creates custom retreats for remote teams. A Colorado based company owned and operated by Charlie BirchRachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, we operate remotely and service clients from all over the globe. Join us as we create cultures of meaning and celebrate human connections in a digital world!

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