Rebel Against Screen Time... Connect with Your Humanity #BigIdeas

I am a bona fided personal development junkie. I geek out on all things healing, growth, empowerment, and transformation.

A student of psychology, yoga, mediation, feng shui, law of attraction, expressive art therapies, experiential learning, cultural competency, and much more...

I truly believe that life is more about creating ourselves than finding ourselves.

We are here to explore this amazing world and become the best version of ourselves we can be today, tomorrow and until our time here is up.

We do this through the practice of mindfulness and self compassion coming into contact with other and the world around us.

Having spent so much time in the personal and professional development space as a coach, trainer, and humanist, I have to say my heart is heavy to see impersonal technology taking over what used to be a very intimate space.

As both a coach and a coaching client, I spent way more time staring at a screen, building powerpoint trainings and/or listening to the like, preparing and promoting webinars and attending the like, than I have actually connecting with people.

Time ticks on and here I stand, alone in my basement, eyes glued to the screen, removed from the world.

Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of technology. I am a huge fan of remote work and location independence, two things made possible by technology. This is what drew me to coaching over counseling in the first place.

But here is the #BigIdea, or ideas, I feel the professional coaching and training industry needs to hear and embody:

  1. We must be careful that we do not lose touch with the importance of human connection and shared real time 3D experience!

  2. We must find a way to use technology as expression and extension of ourselves; a tool that allows us to reach out to individuals and communities we would not other wise come into contact with.

  3. We must seek out and maintain real human relationships. After all, we are the primary technology out of which all else has been created!

  4. We must rebel against the temptation to hide behind technology. We must reconnect with ourselves, others, and this amazing world.

That's why I closed down my coaching practice and have thrown myself blood, sweat, and tears into an entirely new venture.

A venture that combines my personal and professional development expertise and the expertise of my two Co-Founders, Rachel McGehee and Summer Weirich, Travel and Event Planning.

🤘⇧ Click to Join! ⇧🤘

🤘⇧ Click to Join! ⇧🤘

Rebel + Connect offers custom retreats for your remote team, to ensure remote team members are able to come together in real time and connect on a human level with self, others, and this amazing world.

We are beyond excited to be bringing this vision to life.

In the spirit of rebellion and connection, **

We are focused on designing retreats that provide proximity to nature, adventure travel, opportunities for community outreach, and opportunities for cultural immersion. Our rebellion against the norm ensures that the retreats we help plan are fun, life affirming and unique.

We are also donating between 10-100% of our profits (depending on the service) to support female entrepreneurs in third world countries and charities the serve the local communities of the regions our clients visit.

If you are the leader of a remote team and you are ready to revolutionize the company retreat experience, we would love to connect and explore what your dream company retreat looks like! Where there is a will there is a way!

If you are a:

  • Leadership Professional
  • Team Building Professional
  • Health/Wellness Professional
  • Retreat Venue Owner
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Travel Company
  • Event Planner
  • Tour Guide
  • Owner of an Amazing and Conscious Product Based Business
  • Let's connect and explore how we might join forces to increase impact and have more fun being human!

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Rebel + Connect creates custom retreats for remote teams. A Colorado based company owned and operated by Charlie BirchRachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, we operate remotely and service clients from all over the globe. Join us as we create cultures of meaning and celebrate human connections in a digital world!

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