My life is certainly not what one would consider "normal" or "regular." I work in the event planning world and I travel often for work and for play. I am either working on-location at an event, or I am working on my computer. With the amazing opportunities allowed by technology, I am able to work from anywhere and everywhere! Similarly to one of my business partners as well as other working professionals, my ideal workplace is not location or industry specific.


1. My ideal workplace is not a physical space, it is not location-based. My ideal workplace fosters effective communication and connection with others virtually and in real-time!


Communication in the workplace is vital to success. If you want to grow as a team-member and as a company, you must maintain effective communication with all members of your team. Effective communication makes me a better team-member at work and in my play life. Make sure that your voice is heard, you may have an idea that sparks growth, change, or more!

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2. My ideal workplace is organized in such a way that allows for all members to access information easily at any time!


Nobody likes a messy office, you need to be able to find things! Though my office is sometimes outside with the hummingbirds, sometimes on a golf course, and sometimes in the comfort of my own bed - I still need an organized [virtual] office. There is no point in wasting time on searching for thoughts, conversations, files, or anything for that matter! Proper organization is imperative and is certainly a game-changer!!

Systems are a great way to foster excellent communication and maintain organization within your team. Some of my favorite tools for maximizing time and efforts in communication and organization include:

  • Slack - My favorite way to communicate effectively with my team when we are not able to meet in real-time is via my Slack app. Real-time communication is certainly ideal in a perfect reality though, it is vital to maintain effective communication regardless of location and schedule availability! Slack allows #hashtags and @mentions as well as file uploads and simple link-sharing among other features. All activity in Slack is easily searchable and they have a great customer service team.
  • Trello - Trello uses the Kanban Method to increase productivity; Trello is great for organizing ideas and projects in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way. Trello basically gives you a mobile project management bulletin board of unlimited size that allows for group editing and collaboration.
  • IFTTT - This web-based program provides simple "If This Then That" recipes that integrates with communication tools, productivity apps, calendars, and so on and so forth with automation that allows for increased productivity and a much easier life! We use IFTTT to integrate between Trello and Slack so that we don't miss anything! If and when you find the need for more complicated recipes, you should upgrade to the webapp automation service called Zapier (slightly more complicated than IFTTT) so that you can integrate automation in a more complex style.
  • Zoom - Our team meets in the "Zoom Room" for our virtual meetings. Zoom allows us to host effective and productive team meetings that incorporate screen-sharing, visuals of our team members, chat options, and the ability to record and document all of our meetings. Zoom is also ideal for webinars with a large number of attendees.
  • Google Drive - We store all of our work on a shared Google Drive in an organized manner so that all members of the team have access to working documents, photos, .pdf files, and so on and so forth. Never fill up your hard drive again and always have access to any necessary files! We link the specific "GDrive" files to our Trello boards so that we have even easier access to them to save time while working.
  • LastPass - It is imperative to maintain passwords in a secure and efficient manner and LastPass allows just this. Secure and effective password management for personal and team use. Never again will you need to waste time on resetting passwords; nor will you have the issue of communicating new passwords to team members! You can also share password information with outside contractors in a way that allows them access to using password, but keeps them from changing or viewing passwords for your company.

3. My ideal workplace is comprised of a company culture that resonates within me!


A few months ago, I joined forces with two other women to combine our personal talents and our industry-specific talents and we created Rebel + Connect. Our company focuses on celebrating human connections in a digital world! At Rebel + Connect we work with distributed companies to address the unique human challenges of remote work: leadership, communication, engagement, peer relationships, team building, and embodying company culture.

Our company culture is built on core values that consist of:

Connection: Self, others, and the planet! Harmony: Work, play, rest, repeat! Adventure: Experience the diversity of the world we live in! Innovation: Rebel against the norm! Responsibility: Be of service to the world!

As you can see, my ideal workplace is in a sense virtual as well as it is physical. I strive to always maintain a positive attitude and maximized productivity while working - I also strive to maintain a healthy work-life harmony to ensure that I am always happy and always effective while working! As a wrap-up, the three key elements of my ideal workspace are effective communication, smart organization, and a company culture that I naturally resonate with.



Rebel + Connect creates custom retreats for remote teams. A Colorado based company owned and operated by Charlie BirchRachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, we operate remotely and service clients from all over the globe. Join us as we create cultures of meaning and celebrate human connections in a digital world!

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