A Secret of Remote Work Success: Rebel + Connect! #ProFinderContest

A Secret of Remote Work Success: Rebel + Connect! #ProFinderContest

What We Do

At Rebel + Connect we work with remote leaders empowering them to use retreats as a strategic tool to enhance worker experience and company culture.

Personal Impact

“Working on a team whose mission is to celebrate human life, underneath a clear and cohesive brand identity and corresponding company culture, has healed many of my past entrepreneurial wounds, connected me with amazing professionals from across the globe, and fills me with immense pride and sense of professional identity.” ~ Charlie Birch

“Being a part of the Rebel + Connect founding team has shown me there is strength in community and collaboration at a whole new level!” ~ Summer Weirich

“We have a passion for re-humanizing the remote work-space. As a remote team that works with remote teams we are a living example of the problems we solve. This is founder match at its finest and brings a sense of ease, grace, and flow into my daily life.” ~ Rachel McGehee