Listen to What Remote Team Leaders Are Saying About One of the Top 5 Remote Work Conferences of 2018 or Risk Company Failure

Listen to What Remote Team Leaders Are Saying About One of the Top 5 Remote Work Conferences of 2018 or Risk Company Failure

Remote Work Summit has been listed as one of the top 5 remote work conferences of 2018 by Adeva, a company that advocates the future of work initiative and connects remote developers with companies across the globe.

Unlike other events in the industry Remote Work Summit is a 100% not-for-profit event that benefits Konojel and Fincas Buenas - two NGOs that are on a mission to end the systemic causes of hunger and malnutrition in rural Guatemala.

We know that attendees of Remote Work Summit will enjoy the harmonious blend of work, play, and rest that the summit is built upon. The summit integrates personal and professional development, cultural immersion, and adventure travel.

These types of activities are scientifically proven to create more extraordinary leaders, high-performing teams, and meaningful company cultures - a remote team leader’s dream!

With intimate sessions, natural and cultural, and immersion excursions, intimate networking opportunities, evening parties, and time to relax and connect organically with thought leaders you are sure to go home motivated, energized, and stoked to implement what you’ve learned with your team!

Don’t take my word for it though….

Listen to What Remote Team Leaders Are Saying about Remote Work Summit and Ensure Success on Your Remote team:



1. Marty Imes, Founder, Consultant, and Culture Builder @ CultureStoke


Marty Imes is the founder of CultureStoke; he serves as a culture consultant who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to elevate the human experience by building world-class company culture.

Marty is a great communicator himself and loves the culture of Remote Work Summit even before the start of the event - he can tell that he’s found another tribe of his people through connection with the Rebel + Connect team. “Wow, these are my type of people!”

Marty’s positivity mirrors the positivity created by the summit and he shares that “It’s not just about developing a business or networking, but it’s looking at the greater good and the greater impact that individuals and businesses can have in the world...and be that positive force of change…...this is something that I would be honored to be a part of and if not, at least attend to learn from all of these incredible people.”

After spending nearly a decade working in marketing and HR for a multimillion-dollar virtual receptionist service, Marty knows what truly drives a happy, high-performing workplace culture - and it’s not free snacks, ping-pong tables, and Friday happy hours.

It’s how well you genuinely care for the people of your organization, on a human-to-human level.

You don’t want to miss Marty’s session on Company Culture on Saturday, June 2nd at Remote Work Summit 2018!


2. Amy Freshman, Senior Director of Human Resource Global Workplace Enablement Mergers & Acquisitions @ ADP


Amy is a warm and extremely approachable leader. Additionally, it’s clear that she sees the small details and the big picture - the individual and the collective experience - with equal clarity.

Amy is particularly interested in remote work and flexible work arrangements.

She is passionate about “the idea and the conversations surrounding the how work gets done...I think that we’re not done yet, it is continuously evolving...and I think the more people that can continue the conversation” - it’s clear that through these conversations “we are all shaping and evolving” the future of work and the opportunities it brings every day. 

You don’t want to miss Amy’s virtual session at Remote Work Summit 2018 which starts a few days before the event on May 29th, 2018!


3. Dylan Schiemann, CEO @ SitePen


Dylan is a proponent of escaping the office and connecting.

Dylan’s team at  SitePen no longer has problems with their internal company culture and he attributes a lot of this to their zero-workweek escape where they enjoy outdoor adventures, eat well, have fun, and connect!


Dylan has an undeniable and inspiring commitment to his people - those he leads, collaborates with, and his family and friends.

Dylan will share his expertise on rethinking business development in a remote company during his expert panel appearance on Sunday, June 3rd at Remote Work Summit 2018!


4. Tayo Rockson, CEO @ UYD Management, TED Speaker, Host of As Told By Nomads


Tayo has a strong background in cross-cultural communications that gives him the versatility to work with brands across several cultures and position them for success.

He loves the mission of the Rebel + Connect team and the mission of the summit, encourages remote work and remote connections and shares that “’s possible to create platforms that can spawn into movements if you really tap into the core communication principles.”

Tayo is a role model for Millennials and Gen Zens interested in making a global impact and improving their personal brands. Don’t miss Tayo’s virtual session at Remote Work Summit 2018! The virtual session starts on May 29th, 2018 - right before the in-person summit!


5. Chris Dyer, CEO and Founder @ PeopleG2 and Author of The Power of Company Culture


Since founding PeopleG2 in 2001 Chris has become a recognized authority on human capital intelligence processes and best practices. He understands the complex challenges inherent to talent management decisions.

Chris led his team to remote working in 2009 despite their attempt to change his mind and his strong preference for embracing the future of work has allowed his company to grow and enhance their company culture as a remote team.

Chris believes that impersonal, automated background check solutions have no value in the global talent management spectrum, especially as it relates to strategically significant individuals and teams.

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Chris’ book, The Power of Company Culture is structured around the seven pillars of culture success, and it shows how to develop a company culture that improves productivity, performance, staff retention, company reputation and profits.Chris’ session is sure to expand on these topics.

If you’re a remote leader looking to enhance or change company culture in your growing entrepreneurial organization, improve productivity within your team, increase retention, and be more successful financially, you won’t want to miss his session on Saturday, June 2nd at Remote Work Summit 2018!


6. Brad Richardson, Co-Founder and CMO @ Walkabout Workplace


Brad loves the concept of giving back to communities which hooked him on contributing to Remote Work Summit.

Three years ago when many in his position may have cashed out and retired to a life of luxury, Brad opted to pursue his dream of building a company that would drive a paradigm shift in how consulting services were delivered and how remote teams work together.

Brad is well connected, generous with his time, and approachable.

This is why Brad is a perfect fit to share his proficiency with leadership and team building with remote team leaders to enhance the success of their team.

Don’t miss Brad’s session on Friday, June 1st at Remote Work Summit 2018!


7. Nathan Hirsch, CEO and Founder @ FreeeUp


Nathan is a high-energy and high-integrity entrepreneur who has lead teams of 50 workers in the US and has worked with over 150 globally while managing successful partnerships with over 500 distributors and manufacturers across the United States.

He is the Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a marketplace connecting business owners with the top 1% of freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more.

For over 15 years now, Nathan has been on the entrepreneurial fast lane building successful multi-million dollar businesses accompanied by an unrelenting commitment to client service excellence and human resource leadership.

Honesty, integrity, ethics and superlative customer experience have always been the four professional cornerstones of his success. Nathan will be sharing with us how to create win-win relationships in the hiring space during his virtual session at Remote Work Summit 2018!


These are thoughts from just a few leaders that are excited about Remote Work Summit.

Come to Guatemala to Unplug from Technology and Plug In to Life!

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