Remote Work Round Up - September 2017

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Internal Announcements

The Power of Community
Arne Giske Host of the Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast and Founder of the Millennial Entrepreneur Community invited our team to participate in a fundraising campaign to benefit the victims of hurricane Harvey. Special thanks to him for his leadership.

Remote Work Marketplace
Starting on September 12th, 2017 we hope to be your one stop shop for remote work gear. We’ve rounded up the best home office, digital nomad, Saas, adventure gear, travel, learning, and essentials. Just one way we’re working to enhance your remote work experience.

Slack Is Where It's At
Slack is hands down the best chat app on the market. With search, file sharing, voice calls, tagging, direct messaging, and endless bots and apps there is no limit to how your team can customize Slack to enhance workflow. Thanks to our partnership with Slack you can now gain a $100 credit when you sign up through our affiliate link!

Remote Work Think Tank Just Got Better
Now exceeding 100 members and growing everyday, we decided to liven things up a bit. Remote Work Think Tank will now feature pop up episodes of Think Tank Live. Expect appearances by our co-founders, group members themselves, and the occasional special guests!  

Become a R+C Blog Contributor
We are now accepting guest blogs! Article submissions can be made here.

Be A Feature Guest
Will you be our next podcast guest?  If you have an idea, product, or service that can benefit remote leaders and their teams, reach out and let us know! Pitch you episodes idea here.

Remote Leadership - Live Event
We are gearing up for our first annual live event. Focusing on connection, this event will combine the professional content of a conference and the culture of a retreat. If you have not already filled out the survey and want to make your requests known, click here. This event is going to be amazing! More details to come.

Remote Leadership

4 Books About Remote Work That Every Teach Leader Should Read
Andy Wolber of TechRepublic suggests you read No Office Apps by Michael Sliwinski, CEO and founder of Nozbe, Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and Dave Heinemeier Hansson, founders of Basecamp, The Ultimate Guide To Remote Work by Wade Foster, CEO and founder of Zapier, and The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun.

How to Manage Remote Workers - 5 Tips
Alison DeNisco of TechRepublic urges you start small, hire the right people, keep in touch, avoid micromanaging, and create connections.

How To Manage Remote Teams
Rhucha Kulkarni of HR Technologist advises you to develop trust, communicate openly, make performance standards clear, create opportunities to connect, and clarify policies.

3 Ways You Are Failing Your Remote Workers
Annamarie Mann of The Gallup Poll warns against failing to recognize or praise good work, talks to remote workers about career goals and personal growth, and provides opportunities for co-workers to connect.

How Microsoft And Dell Use Technology To Manage Their Remote Teams
Andrea Loubier, Contributor of Forbes, interview leaders from both organizations to reveal the importance of chat apps, such as Slack, for real-time communication and video platforms, such as Zoom, for recurring team meetings.    

Leadership Lessons: Waterloo Disruption - How To Manage A Remote Team
Jason Downes of Management Today believes that     communication is key. He also recommends regular check-ins while warning against micromanaging, encourages finding strategic ways to maintain team rapport, and points to new technology as a valuable resource.

How to Run a Remote Startup Across Time Zones
Steven Williams, Contributor to Entrepreneur, discusses casting a wide net, adjusting for time zones, creating a watercooler commons, and staying organized as vital to effective remote startup management across time zones.

Remote Leaders Can't Stop Talking About Cultural Competency
Our very own Charlie Birch, discusses the concept of and need for cultural competency when leading remotely.

Could An Organisation Work On A Completely Remote Basis?
Cath Everett of Personnel Today answers this important question highlighting the importance of virtual updates and team building efforts, while framing a global talent pool as a primary benefit.

3 Tips for Training Leaders to Work With Remote Teams
Jennifer Post, Business News Daily Contributor, names proactive communication, translation of company culture, and community building as the most important skills trainings for remote leaders.

How To Prepare For And Build An Effective Internal Remote Workforce
Nicholas Pirollo, Contributor at Forbes, discusses the importance of planning as you transition to a remote team model. Specially, polishing your operational procedures, hiring process, and on-boarding protocols.

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Benefits of Remote Work

How Remote Work Affects Your Triple Bottom Line (and 5 Ways to Get There)
Anna Johansson, 3p Contributor, explains how remote work increases team member health, reduces environmental impact, and increases company wide productivity.

To These Women, Remote Work Is The Cure To Corporate Burnout
Thomas Kuegler, Contributor at HuffPost, explores how remote work is helping female professionals avoid burnout.

Why A Shift Towards Remote Work Could Help Solve Techs Gender Gap
Alison DeNisco of TechRepublic explores how female led remote teams are changing the influence of women in tech.

Exclusive Interview - Polycom On How Remote Working Can Bring Us Closer Together
Julia Gable of IT Brief interviews Amy Barzdukas of Polycom, a leader in the tech space, about her experience of leading a remote team.

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Food for Thought

Remote Working Programs: True Flexibility or Masked Rigidity?
The YL Editorial Board questions if remote work fuels expectations of constant availability and contact between employer and employee.

13 Pros And Cons Of Having A Distributed Workforce
Forbes reminds us to be wise about remote work, celebrating the pros without ignoring the cons.

Is Working From Home for You?
Daniel B. Kline keeps it real on The Motley Fool, explaining that working remotely is not always relaxing days at home, world travel, and hip coffee shops.

How To Manage Workplace Safety Issues For Remote Employees
SRHM explores the question, who is responsible for remote worker safety, employers or employees? If it’s to be the employer, remote workers may be forced to give up some of their freedoms.

Does Remote Working Create An Empathy Gap?
Francois Badenhorst, Deputy Editor at Business Zone, wonders how remote work impacts empathy.

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Remote Work Buzz

Broadband Investment Could Improve Remote Work For Rural UK Workers

More Employees Are Specifically Searching For Flexible Work

Demand For Flexible Work Rises As Employers Try to Rein In Remote Staff

61% Of US Workers Think The 9 to 5 Workday Is A Dinosaur

Now Judicial Employees In Abu Dhabi Can Work From Home

Workers Want Flexibility - How To Make It Work For Everyone

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