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Internal Announcements

Konojel Community Center Director of Operations, Maria Mejia

Konojel Community Center Director of Operations, Maria Mejia

March 8, 2018 was #InternationalWomensDay, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

How did we celebrate?

We interviewed Maria Mejia, Director of Operations at Konojel Community Center in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. Konojel is one of the beneficiaries of Remote Work Summit. Rebel + Connect wanted to feature the work Konojel is doing empowering the local indigenous women of the area by providing them with jobs so they can provide for their families. The interview will be up on Rebel + Connect Radio soon, but in the meantime, you can watch the Facebook Live interview HERE.

Female remote workers unite on International Women's Day 2018.

Remote Leadership Think Tank member Fei Yao of the QLC team organized an fun global #IWD2018 activity. With the help of other RLTT members Janice Chaka, Laurel Farrer, & Summer Weirich, Fei pulled together videos of women from around the globe sharing their stories and lessons as female remote workers.

View all of the #IWD2018 videos QLC gathered HERE.


Tayo Rockson, TEDx speaker and President & CEO of UYD Management, interviewed Rebel + Connect co-founder and Director of Program Development, Charlie Birch on his podcast As Told by Nomads.

The episode focuses on:

  • The unique human challenges of leading from a distance

  • Facilitating meaningful collaborations and strong team bonds amongst people who rarely meet face to face AND

  • Creating impactful company cultures that not only help you attract and retain the best talent but also provide team members with a sense of purpose


The Rebel + Connect Team was featured on the latest LetsWorkRemotely "Remote Interviews" series!

LetsWorkRemotely is a remote work jobs forum designed to more seamlessly connect remote talent to remote employers. It is founded and run by Remote Leadership Think Tank member Steven Lin.


Upcoming Virtual Trainings

This month on Think Tank LIVE we have three awesome remote work guest experts talking about a range of topics from how to build a kick-ass learning lab to tactics for tough talks like remote negotiations!

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New Releases

Our team has been busy creating some great new content to enhance your remote work experience. Click the image to check out the full article!

Blog Articles:

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Podcast episodes...we even had a guest host for some episodes this month! Click each image to be directed to each episode.

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We are still accepting applications for Remote Work Summit 2018 at Eagle's Retreats in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala May 31st - June 4th.

Limited availability! 

Remote Work Summit is a curated invitation-only destination style event for remote leaders.

100% of the profits from Remote Work Summit will be donated to non-profits in San Marcos La Laguna that are fighting to correct the systemic causes of chronic hunger and malnutrition in rural Guatemala.

Fincas Buenas Logo.jpg

Remote Work Summit allows attendees to pick and choose from a variety of remote work sessions, excursions, and social gatherings that facilitate growth, insights, an expanded worldview, deeper connections, and extraordinarily impactful leadership.

Attend Remote Work Summit and place yourself in the top 10% of remote leaders, giving you the opportunity to more than double your company profits compared to the other 90% of leaders.

Explore the ins and outs of building a strong and unique company culture, and learn how happy employees are outperforming the competition by 20%, earning their companies 1.2-1.7% more than peer firms.


Immerse yourself in the local culture and increase your cognitive flexibility and in-depth systems thinking, while boosting your generalized trust and faith in humanity.


Be surrounded by nature at beautiful Lake Atitán and experience reduced anxiety & depression, decreased stress, increased energy, increased immune system function, increased vitamin D production, reduced symptoms of ADD, lowered risk of heart attack by 50% and more.

Early bird pricing starts at $797!

But don't go alone! Snag a BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 OFF deal before they run out! Bring a co-founder! Reward your team's highest producer!

And both of you will recieve...

  • Access to all Virtual Remote Work Summit sessions (more info coming soon)

  • Airport transfer from the closest airport to San Marcos La Laguna on May 31st (bus AND boat)

  • Your choice

    • 5 of 10 Remote Work Sessions (and all session recordings)

    • 1 of 2 Expert Panels (and all panel recordings)

    • 1 of 4 Yoga Classes

    • 1 of 3 Cultural Immersion Excursions

    • 1 of 3 Natural Immersion Excursions

  • A ticket to the

    • Kick Off Party with Carlyn Shaw

    • Cultural Showcase with talks by leaders of Konojel, Fincas Buenas and a traditional Mayan Ceremony lead by a local elder.

    • Cacao Sunset Dance Party

Early bird pricing will expire once 40 tickets are sold.

Remaining tickets will be priced at $977.

Thanks again to our Summit Collaborators we are in awe of your generosity and matched enthusiasm - we couldn't do this without each and everyone of you!

Remote Work Summit Collaborator Sitepen.
Remote Work Summit Collaborator Different Hunger
Remote Work Summit Collaborator CultureStroke.
Remote Leadership Institute
Remote work. ReVisionary.
7in7 digital nomad conference
Wolfhouse coworking and coliving spaces for digital nomads.
Remote leaders use SurveySaurus.
Microsoft is a Remote Work Summit Collaborator.
As a remote leader and remote worker you have the opportunity to make a larger impact on the Earth.
Remote Work Summit Collaborator Tortuga Backpacks.
The Smart Workplace
Get health insurance as a remote worker through Safety Wing.

Remote Work News from March 2018

(RLTT = author is a member of Remote Leadership Think Tank members!)

Remote Leadership -

RLTT 2 years of team retreats at QLC on a budget - For the last 3 years, the QLC team has wobbled between being a fully and partially remote team...Inspired by Buffer in early 2016, we have since actively organised team retreats in different cities twice a year.

This Is What Really Happens to Your Company Culture When Everyone Works Remotely - If you do it the right way, going completely remote can bring your team closer together.

11 ways to eliminate distractions while working from home - Creating a home office, posting your schedule, and even just getting dressed can make for a more productive working atmosphere.

7 Tips for collaborating with a remote team - [G]etting a remote team to work well together can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you have a couple of freelancers or a 20-person remote team, you’ll want employees who can communicate and collaborate well together. 

Should You Let Your Team Work Remotely? - With a thoughtful, balanced policy and clear expectations, the option to work from home could be a huge boon for your team and your company.

Even the best remote collaboration tools are useless without effective team leadership - [W]hile it’s vitally important to choose collaboration platforms that best enable productivity, successful collaboration among colleagues who are working here, there and everywhere requires a lot more than technology — especially when people are scattered across different time zones.

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Benefits of Remote Work -

Billionaire Richard Branson: 3 reasons you should let your employees work remotely - Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has a message for fellow business leaders: Your employees want flexible work arrangements.

Telecommuting becomes a more reasonable ADA accommodation every year - HR Dive's senior editor, Kate Tornone, discusses the shifting relationship between remote work and the ADA in this installment of "Other Duties as Assigned."

Embracing a remote workforce gives technology businesses greater access to talent - Using independent consultants or remote employees is far more complex than granting a few one-off requests to work from home. There are HR issues to consider, different laws and taxes depending on where those workers live, as well as communication and cultural concerns.  Even with its complexities, being able to offer virtual positions in competitive industries, such as technology, can give small companies the ability to attract top talent. 

Remote Work: A Big Boost To Local Economies - One of the biggest findings was that both teleworking and telecommuting—points with subtle differences related to the ultimate location of the employer—both had positive impacts on the median household income at the neighborhood level, and had the potential to step up economic growth in the immediate vicinity as well. Suggestions have even been made that telework is one of the surest paths to improving the economy of rural areas.

Traditional Agencies Are Dead: 25 Benefits of a Remote Workforce - The concept of working from home is somewhat deceiving — especially for those who live by the conventional employment standards of the 20th century. The remote workforce is not only growing its own numbers in modernity; it’s also growing the bottom line for many agencies that are forward-thinking and embracing the benefits of the telecommuter.

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Food For Thought -

Remote work is “the new normal” - We know the number of freelancers is on the rise, but more than half (55%) of hiring managers agree that remote work among full-time permanent employees is becoming more common, too.

Remote hiring has exploded — but why haven't remote work policies? - Companies are hiring more remote workers, but don’t have formal policies to support the practice, a new report from Upwork shows. Most hiring managers (64%) say they have the resources to hire remote workers, but 57% don’t have policies in place.

Work remotely? Your company probably won’t pay for your internet - Buffer, Workfrom, Hubstaff, and Doist surveyed 1,900 remote workersfrom over 90 countries on their current work practices. A majority of the respondent reported having to pay most of [these costs of remote working, such as internet connection or fees for co-working space] themselves. 

5 hacks for digital nomads to handle the stress of remote work - Remote Work is an emotional rollercoaster. Some days are busy, profitable, productive. Others leave you staring into the laptop in dismay, wondering why you left your desk job and why you’re sitting in a café on the other side of the planet.

Why Friendships Among Remote Workers Are Crucial - Engaging remote workers is challenging but critical. Friendships at work are a key element of employee engagement. Encourage friendships among remote colleagues by using our proven tactics

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Remote Work Buzz -

Thankful Thursday: Building a Remote Team through Gratitude - Last week the tech team started a new activity: Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday we make a conscious effort to thank each other. Being a remote team, I think it will help us grow, as persons and as a team. Here’s why...

A new company is taking remote work’s flexibility to the extreme - For all of the freedom the name [digital nomad] implies, the lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Constant travel isn’t universally feasible or desirable...The middle ground, perhaps, is to go But Everywhere. 

9 Remote Workers in Rural Areas Share How They Found Telecommuting Jobs - At FlexJobs, we’ve heard from many job seekers who say being able to broaden their search beyond their immediate geographic location has been a godsend. In particular, remote workers in rural areas have particularly benefited from work-from-anywhere jobs.

Survey of the 100 Top Companies for Remote Jobs in 2018 Shows Better Jobs Are Farther From the Office - Businesses that fully integrate telecommuters in their operations find creative ways to get the most value from this unstoppable workplace trend.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Getting Office Space - Let's talk about some much cheaper alternatives.

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