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Happy December!

Here in the U.S. winter is officially upon us (okay well technically not until the solstice, but winter coats are in play and snow is falling in the mountains!)

Before you check out for the holiday season - eat to much and burn yourself out on holiday parties ...

... check out the latest Remote Work Roundup, covering remote leadership, benefits of remote work, food for thought, and remote work buzz!


Internal Announcements


Remote Work Summit 2018

In our November Roundup, you read about the upcoming Remote Work Summit!

Well, we are excited to announce that the summit website is now live!

Thanks to a generous donation by Eagle's Retreats, we have secured an EPIC venue in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.

Click on the Video to get a glimpse of the Remote Work Summit 2018 San Marcos La Laguna Guatemala experience!

Eagle's Retreats

We have also locked down a hand full of excellent speakers. A warm R+C welcome to Chris Dyer CEO of PeopleG2, Nathan Hirsch Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, and Janice Chaka of The Career Introvert.

The Career Introvert

We are in conversations with many others remote work thought leaders and influencers, yoga teachers, travel guides, and more!

Last, but not least, we have come to a decision about which NGO we will donate the event proceeds to! Konojel is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.  Konojel impacts the community through various initiatives, including, but not limited to a nutrition program, an education program, a women's entrepreneurship program, a computer lab and tech program, clean drinking water eco-filters, and a restaurant comedor & Mayan co-op.

Kids in Guatemala
konojel logo.jpeg

All and all the event is shaping up to be a truly unique opportunity to have a positive impact on remote and local communities, as well as, the environment and the global economy.

The event will be invitation only to ensure high quality of attendance. For information about how to apply - and chance to win an invitation, free ticket, invitation to the exclusive Sponsors Dinner, and accommodations CLICK HERE and follow the simple instructions.

Or check out this podcast episode to learn more!


We are still accepting applications for fiscal sponsors.

Think Tank Live

We have launched our live training series Think Tank Live!

Our first "episode" aired on November 28th and featured Laurel Farrer, COO of Yonder!


We have amazing speakers booked well into February 2018!

Just to give you an idea ... here are some of the upcoming episodes!


To participate in these LIVE trainings - join the Remote Leadership Think Tank today!

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Remote Work News

Remote Leadership

How to Keep Your Remote Workforce From Growing Distant
Don't fear telecommuting, use the right mix of technology, plan for in-person activities, focus on engagement, commit to core hours.

 7 Ways to HR Departments Can Make Remote Workers Feel More Included
Certainly there's an allure to working outside the office—at least for some remote workers. Freedom seems to be the primary benefit cited.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Remote Teams
Remote working has been around for decades, but with a growing emphasis on work-life balance and flexible arrangements in recent years, having the option to work offsite has become increasingly sought-after.

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager’s Guide To Leading Remote Teams
...for remote work to pay off–both for employees and their employers–one crucial factor needs to hold true, and it’s a familiar one: teams need to have great working relationships with their direct supervisors.

Employee Training for Remote Work
These 4 tips will help you create effective online trainings.

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Benefits of Remote Work

Why Working Remote Can Improve Employee Productivity
It may paint a pretty picture, but working from home is not as easy as it seems from a distance, even with high-paying telecommuting jobs on the rise.

The Surprising Thing I Gained When I Switched to a Remote Workforce
When I chose to go remote ... our production ... increased to 40 percent.

Letting Your Employees Work Remotely Could Help You Keep Them for Longer
Companies struggling with high employee turnover may benefit by considering remote work options, with recent research revealing advantages for both employees and employers.

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Food For Thought

A Study of 1,100 Employees Found That Remote Workers Feel Shunned and Left Out
Check in frequently and consistently, use face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact, demonstrate exemplary communication skills, make expectations explicit, be available, demonstrate familiarity and comfort with technology, and prioritize relationships.

9 Tips on Working Remotely from a Woman Who Camps Full-Time
Establish rituals to start and end your workday, be honest with yourself about your social needs, get clear on when you’re expected to travel to the office, make the time you’re in the office really count, practice the setup for your video calls, consider using a secondary device as your camera for video calls, get comfortable with asking for what you need, exercise patience with your colleagues, don’t underestimate the impact of working in different time zones.

The Secret To Success If You Want To Work & Travel The World
Here’s a universal truth: No matter where in the world you work, deadlines still exist. But here’s another truth ... No matter how stressed out you are, there’s something about being untethered in the world that reminds you life is so much bigger than your email inbox.

Is Your 'Personality Type' Right for Working Remotely?
Identify which of the four personality types are best suited for Work-From-Home.

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Remote Work Buzz -

The Era of Remote Work

Nigeria: The Era of Remote Work

Opinion: Why Outsourcing and Remote Working are Inevitable

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs for Remote Workers

These Free, Remote Coding Lessons For Venezuelans Help Them Find Work Online

Realistic At-Home Work Opportunities for People with Chronic Illness

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"While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best." Tom Allen

Go inside, not just inside your home, but inside yourself... take a good look at the years successes of 2017 - celebrate them fully... take a good look at what went wrong, your trials, struggles, and fears - prepare to let them go.

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