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Happy Solstice!

Friday June 21 marked the summer solstice for us here in the northern hemisphere. It marks the “longest” day of the year, meaning the most amount of sunlight in a day.

For many it symbolizes a time to step out of our shadow and into new light.

What will you do with these extra hours of daylight? Time spent outside is a great idea, especially for remote workers who often times get stuck at their computers or on their devices. Go exploring! Connect with friends and family in nature! The sky is the limit! Happy Solstice, and happy reading!

Read on and catch the buzz about remote work, leadership, news, events, and more!


Internal Announcements

Connections and conversation

Recently our co-founder, Rachel McGehee, had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Dyer on Talent Talk Radio. Connecting to self, others and to the planet are the authentic connections one can make, according to Rachel. She also talks about the need for strong connections within remote teams to strengthen the bonds between team members. Gus Van Dender concludes the show by talking about his passion and obsession with culture and community within an organization. He points out that companies should not take a cookie cutter approach to their culture, but rather find what fits to make it successful. Take listen HERE!

Upcoming Virtual Trainings

We have some exciting interviews up ahead inside the Remote Leadership Think Tank, and we don’t want you to miss them!

Our in group training series, Think Tank Live, is a series featuring group members who have mastered a certain remote leadership skill or offer a useful service to support remote leadership.

If you have mastered or someone you know has mastered a remote leadership skill or a service that would add value to the community, please fill out this form.

And did you know that all Think Tank members receive a FREE copy of Rebel + Connect's e-book, “Remote Leadership - 10 Crucial Skills for Leading From a Distance”!

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Time to shoutout some of our incredible sponsors and partners for Remote Leadership Summit! These organizations believe that remote work is the future and understand the importance of growing our leaders within the remote work industry.

As a remote leader, it can be challenging to build trust with your team, develop that excitement your team needs, align with current business goals, and avoid burnout while sparking creativity.

Remote Leadership Summit offers insight into: company culture, business development, team management, and networking as a remote professional.

This valuable experience will in turn fuel your remote team’s work life in more ways than one, all while experiencing nature in its purest form.

Interested in being a part of Remote Leadership Summit? Reserve your spot before prices increase, and be sure to add on some of the bonuses being offered by our facilitators and healers at no extra cost for a limited time!

There are still sponsorship opportunities available as well. See how you can be a part of this event HERE!

Thank you to our sponsors, SitePen, Globe Guides, SurprisinglySimple,, Wolfhouse, Andover Media, The Remote Work Summit, Running Remote, and Altitude Designs!


Events News

It’s always great to get together with other thought leaders to expand our minds, improve our skills, and propel each other forward.

In addition to Remote Leadership Summit, there are some great events taking place all over the globe!

Check out some of our favorites below, and don’t miss some exclusive discounts!

Have an event you want to share with the remote work community? Send us a message and we’ll see about including it in the next Remote Work Roundup!

Here are some of our favorite events for 2019…

1. Running Remote June 29-30, Bali, Indonesia

Attend  Running Remote  and receive a discount on your Remote Leadership Summit ticket! Discount available exclusively to  Running Remote  attendees.

Attend Running Remote and receive a discount on your Remote Leadership Summit ticket! Discount available exclusively to Running Remote attendees.

Join top remote work 💻👨leaders at Running Remote. Build and scale your remote team to the next level in Bali!

Join industry leaders and innovators from established remote companies such as HelpScout, Shopify, e-Residency, Dribbble, Doist, Conversio, Mural and many more. 

Receive hard-hitting tips on the future of work while surrounded by over 29 inspirational remote companies ready to share practical and actionable advice to build, manage and grow remote teams.

Catch a video of what to expect from this incredible event HERE.

2. Coworking Safari, dates vary, South Africa

Receive a $100 discount on any  Coworking Safari  booking when you use code #Rebel&Connect.

Receive a $100 discount on any Coworking Safari booking when you use code #Rebel&Connect.

Coworking Safari brings together professionals, start ups and entrepreneurs who want to stay connected for 4, 10 & 14 night trips while finding the balance between work, life, wellness and adventure with South Africa as the setting.

Be sure to also check out their Digital Detox Weekend: Disconnect, Collaborate, Rejuvenate.

Experience a long weekend under the stars at a private Safari Camp for nature walks, game drives & real fire side chats! NO WIFI AVAILABLE.

You can find more information about these incredible gatherings here:

Watch this video and witness the incredible landscape and community of a Coworking Safari:

3. 7in7 October 22-29, Wellington, New Zealand

7in7 is EXCLUSIVELY for experienced nomads! Only people who have been location independent for more than a year can join the 7in7 family. Content is curated for those who’ve been nomads for 3, 7, or even 15+ years.
A whole week of content is provided! From small meetups and epic parties to intensive workshops and challenging talks, the week is jam-packed with valuable events! Don’t miss your chance to join!

4. Nomad City, November 7-9, Grand Canary Islands

Nomad City is a growing event for location independent entrepreneurs, remote workers and distributed companies.

In the last few years this new way of working is increasingly spreading from a freelancer-only movement to include start-ups and big companies.

At Nomad City you will learn and experience the beautiful town on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with other like-minded location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world.

Catch a recap of the 2018 event here:


New Releases

We have some great blogs this month to enhance your remote work experience. Click each image to read each blog, and check out other articles HERE!

Blog Articles:

Podcast episodes:

We have some great new interviews in the works! Listen to previous episodes here.

Want to be interviewed?

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Remote Work News from Spring 2019

(RLTT = author is a Remote Leadership Think Tank member!)

Remote Leadership -

RLTT How to Retain Top Talent in Your Remote Teams from C-Levels execs - There’s no argument that people’s behaviors are changing due to the rapid pace of technology and instant gratification of the internet. The question is, how do you continue to retain top talent when your employees aren’t in front of you every single day? How do you keep your team interested without 24/7 motivation and pep talks in a shared kitchen? How do you inspire people to want to work with you and stay loyal to your company despite heavy poaching and aggressive rival compensation you may not be able to compete with?

RLTT Human Resources 2.0: How People Operations is Powering Productivity - For decades, the executive management team of any company has been pretty standard: CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CHRO. But in the leadership of expanding tech giants (especially in remote teams), a new role keeps popping up: People Operations (or “PeopleOps”). Is this due to creative linguistics, or is the management model of corporate America being disrupted?

Tips for having a successful video meeting - If you’ve been doing business in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve had a video conference at some point. For some people, video meetings have changed the way they do business, and for others they are a constant source of frustration. Regardless of what video platform you’re using to connect, there are several things you can do to ensure your meeting goes smoothly on the big day.

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Benefits of Remote Work -

View the FULL infographic  HERE .

View the FULL infographic HERE.

We LOVE this infographic created in celebration of Earth Day back in April! Click HERE to see the incredibly positive environmental impact remote work has on the planet through the use of virtual meetings!

RLTT Closing the Gender Pay Gap with Remote Work - Due to the results-based productivity tracking methods of distributed teams, remote work is recognized as an effective tool in strengthening diversity and inclusion within a workforce, and hoped to be a resource against factors that contribute to the wage gap, like self-perception and management bias. But are these virtual strategies actually effective, or are they just theories?

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers — Here's Why - Research shows that office workers cannot concentrate at their desks. I have to wonder why company founders are trying so hard with these in-office "perks." I get that the goal is to create collaborationand fun. But I think this is doing more harm than good. And research shows that the problem is only getting worse.

RLTT Are Virtual Jobs the Multi-Tool in Diversity and Inclusion - In the modern digital business world, professionals may not frequently encounter physical concerns (such as slivers or blocked pipes) but they certainly encounter barriers which hinder efficiency. In a virtual environment, most of these blocks are related to workforce productivity. Motivating, equipping and supporting workers is absolutely essential to success, but remote professionals are getting blocked by the same concerns: diversity and inclusion.

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Food For Thought -

The Responsibility Process in Remote Teams - An in depth look at the book The Responsibility Process and how to apply it to remote teams.

Virtual Bonding - An exploration and sharing of the possibilities of bonding deeply while not being physically present in the same room. Instead of being together virtually with online conference tools.

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Remote Work Buzz -

Exclusive: Google asked 5,600 employees about remote work. This is what they learned - Working remotely can be really tough. To get some insight into how to do it better, Google conducted a two-year study involving data from 5,600 employees across the U.S., Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Veronica Gilrane, manager of Google’s People Innovation Lab, oversaw the study and has written a guide for how to make the most of distributed teams. She has released a report of her findings on important topics such as finding a work-around for different time zones, fostering real relationships, and more.

RLTT Are Remote Work Policies Doomed to Fail? - Lists of employers that hire remote employees (both crowdsourced and private) only indicate a few hundred businesses with flexible work models. This suggests that businesses are hesitant to publicly support remote work. What’s holding them back?

10 promising work-from-home jobs that pay up to $118,000—and offer 4-day workweeks - Can you imagine a four-day workweekwith no decrease in pay? While a compressed workweek isn’t exactly a widespread trend, the idea of increased flexibility is gaining traction. It’s a job seeker’s market right now, and thankfully, technology has caught up with employee needs, says Stella Garber, VP of marketing at Trello, a organization platform for team collaborations.

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Tools worth testing -

Elin Culture Officer for Remote Teams

Happy Tools by Automattic

Quizbreaker: A Fun Online Tool for Teams to Get to Know Each Other


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