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Happy October!

Here in the U.S., temperatures are dropping and the leaves are falling.

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Internal Announcements -

The Remote Work Marketplace is OPEN!

In our September newsletter, you read about the upcoming launch of our Remote Work Marketplace. Well, now you can shop it! See the best of the best of all the essentials to enhance your remote work experience.

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Our very own Charlie Birch is a featured speaker at the #1 online summit on distributed agile, and you can get a FREE ticket!

The Remote Forever Summit has brought together 20 of the world’s most influential leaders of agile who have years of experience with remote work.

This exclusive virtual summit will cover topics in:

  • agile coaching in distributed teams, with a focus on facilitation and team-level skills,
  • engineering practices in remote teams, with a focus on programming skills and XP and agile software development skills, and
  • governance in distributed organizations, with a focus on leaders of multiple teams and organizational levels.

This hand picked group of speakers will show you how to apply new mindsets, skills and techniques to improve any distributed organization you work at and make a lasting impact on the remote teams you coach and lead.

And did we mention, this summit is completely virtual?! You can attend from wherever you are in the world!

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Remote Leadership -

The 2017 Guide to Remote Work

Adam Rowe, contributor of, shares the pros and cons of remote work and how to “nomad”, making it clear that connection is key.

3 Tried and Tested Ways to Collaborate Effectively in Remote Teams

Hazel Teng, member of the travelling product, UX, and UI design studio Melewi shares her team’s systems and workflows that keep them operating smoothly and efficiently while remaining remote.

Five Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Thriving

Kriselle Laran, a marketing executive leading integrated communications teams that advise and support clients with marketing, digital and social strategies, shares her tips on how to keep your remote team not just functioning, but instead booming.

The Ultimate Work-from-Home Checklist for People Who Are Always in the Office

Is your company going part-time remote? Are you new to the remote work lifestyle? Don’t worry, Art Markman, PhD, a professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin and Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations, shares this great guide for how to go remote and be successful.

Why Hiring Remote Workers Might (or Might Not) Pay Off

Steve Nicastro, contributor for NerdWallet, shares some pros and cons of hiring remote workers, and most importantly, some tips on making it work.

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Benefits of Remote Work -

Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age: How to Feel Better Without Logging Off by Sue Thomas

Often times, remote workers choose the remote work way of life so they can travel and spend more time connecting with nature. Turns out what we need is more nature, not less technology.

Remote Work Teams - There Are Many Fish in the Sea

Expand your talent pool by taking your team remote and recruiting not just locally, but globally.

Buffer: Why we abolished the office and became a fully remote team

The social media company operates with a team of 72 people in over 45 cities around the world, and it works, writes Hailley Griffis, Buffer’s Public Relations Manager.

Five Ways Remote Work Can Boost Your Productivity

Evan Varsamis, entrepreneur, founder/CEO at Gadget Flow, investor & marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd, Comet Core Inc., and someone who has been running a company that is almost 100 percent remote, shares his insight on how location independence can boost your productivity.

Lisburn firm says remote working initiative boosted staff morale

A northern Ireland-based financial life planning firm closed its headquarters for a full month recently as all staff took the decision to work remotely.

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Food For Thought -

Why People Feel More Productive Working Remotely

Ever wonder why it feels like we just get more done when we don’t have to go into the office?

Why Online Etiquette in Remote Workplaces Matters

With more companies going remote, there needs to be a clear understanding of how to operate appropriately when the in-office communication is gone.

Five Reasons Why Time Tracking is the Secret to Work From Home Productivity

Frank Castagnac, contributor at, shares why time tracking will help you see where you spend your time most, focus and use your time more efficiently, improve your time management, and create more free time for yourself in the process.


Rebecca Greenfield, contributor at Bloomberg, breaks down the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding telecommuting and shows how it has grown from previously being an added perk to a job to being an absolute necessity.

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Remote Work Buzz -

Meet the woman delivering remote work to rural Australia

The average American spent more than 9 full days getting to and from work last year

FlexJobs and to Host the 2nd Annual TRaD Works Forum on Remote Work in Washington D.C.

Nearly 3 out of 4 workers would leave their current job for one offering remote work

A third of business owners think half of their workforce will work remotely by 2020

Only 7% of workers feel productive during regular work hours in the office

37% of workers in the United States telecommute, compared to just 9% in 1995

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