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How to Design The Best Retreat Swag Bags - Spoil Your Remote Team of Digital Nomads with These Must Have Products & Offers

When you are taking your team on a company retreat, planning a summit or conference, or hosting a big event in town it’s a great idea (and also the norm these days) to provide swag bags.

There has been a debate over whether they are called “swag bags” or “schwag bags” - the consensus I found after doing some research online is that they are called swag bags. The root of the name doesn’t seem to be known, but the acronym for SWAG has been expanded as “Stuff We All Get.”

The Art of Remote Team Communication - 3 Primary Causes of Miscommunication and How to Fix Them

Communication is the #1 problem remote leaders report. However, this pain point is often a symptom of a bigger issue in these three areas.