3 Tips For Tackling Jet Lag

If you are a world traveler, and have ever been greeted on the other end with sleepless nights, stomach problems or fatigue then you are not alone. These are all symptoms of jet lag, which is a common phenomenon when traveling across extreme time zones. If you do not get a handle on your jet lag at the beginning of your trip, your vacation might be filled with memories of feeling irritable and tired instead of fun and adventure. So what is the best way to avoid jet lag you might ask? Well you’re in luck! Below are four of the best ways you can beat jet lag and have the vacation of your dreams.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Tenerife

The Canary Islands are on their way to becoming one of the most popular destinations among digital nomads. Tenerife, and to a lesser extent Gran Canaria, offers all the facilities and services that Digital Nomads are looking for: a great natural environment, security, good prices, amazing weather and of course, a good internet connection.

In Tenerife, coworking spaces are popping up left, right and everywhere you look. All you have to do is choose where you want to work in any given day. Whether you fancy a place in the bustling island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or you’d rather stay in a gorgeous villa, overlooking the bay of Los Gigantes, there are plenty of options for all budgets.

I’ve been spending the last year in Tenerife as a digital nomad, and found that whenever I need to seriously focus on a project, it’s helpful to work in a dedicated space surrounded by like-minded people. That’s why I asked around, researched and visited some places to compile this list of the best coworking spaces in Tenerife.

Remote Work Roundup - June 2019

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, March brings the beginning of spring, and we are so ready.

On March 20, 2019, the Northern Hemisphere experienced the vernal equinox and the Southern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox. Regardless of hemisphere and season, this March equinox is the zero point of sidereal time…

Flexible Working: Productive or Destructive?

It’s a much-debated topic and a growing trend, but most companies still don’t seem to take a deliberate approach to flexible working. Instead, they just offer a vague middle ground of “flexible working” on a case by case basis.

There are strong arguments for encouraging remote working and, conversely, arguments for bringing everyone together under the one roof. As recent examples highlight, there is no “one size fits all” answer. The key is to tailor your company’s approach to your objectives, operating rhythm, desired culture and workforce composition.

Company Retreats - What is the ROI?

You’re a remote team leader or business owner and you are debating the merits of a company retreat. How great would it be to get everybody together in real-time to work and play together as a team! But how do you justify the investment and quantify the success of a retreat? Since there is no direct way to measure a return on investment financially, we have to look deeper.

Location Independent Organizations - The Ultimate Remote Companies

Understanding the range of remote work, and particularly the extremes, is important when designing a remote organizations.  Today work trends include increasing the flexibility of location. One manifestation of this is large companies heavily investing in communal spaces for employees such as coffee lounges and creative areas. Yet, for many organizations instead of putting resources into company spaces, they address the desire for flexibility by adopting work from home (WFH) policies. These policies vary widely between organizations and are often implemented on a person-by-person model. Yet, this trend continues to grow with 43% of all employees reporting some amount of remote work in 2016[1].

5 Leadership Traits from CXOs of Remote Organizations

The eternal question - What makes a manager, a leader?

Theoretically, it means someone who maximizes team efforts for the achievement of greater goals. But practically, there is a lot more to it than just that.

As technology evolves and business dynamics shift, a great leader is

Ultimate Guide to Airbnb for Business Travelers

Many travelers book with Airbnb to save on lodging for personal and leisure trips.  But you might not know it’s equally convenient to use Airbnb for Work, which is a business dashboard that encourages stronger company culture through team building, local experiences, and increased collaboration when traveling – all while saving ~50% on expenses. 

How Employer Branding Improves Recruiting

For most businesses, recruitment proves to be a real challenge. With so many companies out there vying for the same jobseekers, what strategies can a business implement to establish itself as the organization that everyone is dying to work for?

Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Let’s be real, no matter where you’re working from, you’re still doing just that: working.

So, should you work from home or work from the office? It honestly comes down to what environment you’ll be most effective in, along with what industry you're in. (And how nice your home office is.)

One person’s productivity booster can be another’s distracting disaster.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the classic benefits that working from home!

Key Legal Choices for Remote Companies – How to Decide Where to “Locate” Your Location Independent Business

All businesses need a location -- even if you are an online business owner working from home or roaming the globe!

But don’t worry … the “location” of your business is only a legal formality.

Listen to What Remote Team Leaders Are Saying About One of the Top 5 Remote Work Conferences of 2018 or Risk Company Failure

Remote Work Summit has been listed as one of the top 5 remote work conferences of 2018 by Adeva, a company that advocates the future of work initiative and connects remote developers with companies across the globe.

Unlike other events in the industry Remote Work Summit is a 100% not-for-profit event that benefits Konojel and Fincas Buenas - two NGOs that are on a mission to end the systemic causes of hunger and malnutrition in rural Guatemala.

Remote Work Marketplace Product Feature: Clark & Mayfield Hawthorne Laptop Bag

Great bag for remote leaders, remote workers, and digital nomads. Functional and fashionable.

How to Design The Best Retreat Swag Bags - Spoil Your Remote Team of Digital Nomads with These Must Have Products & Offers

When you are taking your team on a company retreat, planning a summit or conference, or hosting a big event in town it’s a great idea (and also the norm these days) to provide swag bags.

There has been a debate over whether they are called “swag bags” or “schwag bags” - the consensus I found after doing some research online is that they are called swag bags. The root of the name doesn’t seem to be known, but the acronym for SWAG has been expanded as “Stuff We All Get.”

Remote Work Roundup - April 2018

April showers bring May flowers and...remote leadership super powers! Read on! Remote leadership, remote work benefits, remote work buzz & more from March 2018.

Top 9 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Colorado Ski Towns

I have lived in multiple ski towns in Colorado and it’s quite funny that so many people think that they would get bored because “there’s nothing to do” in the mountains!

In reality, it’s hard to choose just one event to attend each week - especially during the summer months!

If you are the leader of a remote team and your team wants to explore Colorado, one of these events is sure to suit your fancy!

The Art of Remote Team Communication - 3 Primary Causes of Miscommunication and How to Fix Them

Communication is the #1 problem remote leaders report. However, this pain point is often a symptom of a bigger issue in these three areas.

Remote Work Roundup - March 2018

Spring has sprung let's bloom! Everything remote leadership, benefits of remote work, food for thought, and remote work buzz from February 2018.

Bob Marley Said It Best, "One Love, One Heart, Let's Get Together and Feel Alright"...You and Your Team Are Sure To When You Head to Jamaica for Your Next Retreat

Jamaica is a great destination for remote team retreats. When you plan your retreat there don’t miss these great sites and activities!

Top 3 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Jamaica

If your team is looking for a truly relaxing and musically rich vacation to a warm destination, Jamaica is a great part of the Carribbean to escape to!

Jamaica is fun to visit at any time of the year with average temperatures ranging from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 degrees Celsius) in the lowlands - temperatures are