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Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Let’s be real, no matter where you’re working from, you’re still doing just that: working.

So, should you work from home or work from the office? It honestly comes down to what environment you’ll be most effective in, along with what industry you're in. (And how nice your home office is.)

One person’s productivity booster can be another’s distracting disaster.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the classic benefits that working from home!

Key Legal Choices for Remote Companies – How to Decide Where to “Locate” Your Location Independent Business

All businesses need a location -- even if you are an online business owner working from home or roaming the globe!

But don’t worry … the “location” of your business is only a legal formality.

Remote Work Alert - 5 Signs You Need To Get Up and Move Your Body

Remote work can cause us to become sedentary, here are 5 reasons to get up and move you body!

3 Easy Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Learning

3 Easy Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Learning

Technology and remote work allow us to rebel against the standard ways of learning to increase our education!