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The Myth of the Big Break

The Myth of the Big Break

When reflecting on my career, it's twists it's turns it's wins and losses, I was reminded of a guest blog series I wrote for my college buddy's corporate blog a few months back "Unpacking Cultural Myths of the Modern Workplace." I figured you would likely be more interested to explore the concept of a "big break" than hear me sing my own praises, so here we go....

The idea of a "big break" is nothing new. Most famously successful people will make public mention of the day when they got their "big break." In his article, "How Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, And Other Self-Made Billionaires Got Their Big Break"  Drake Baer references a quote by LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman writing "A career doesn't move can ratchet up suddenly with one critical insight, meeting, or opportunity. You call it a big break. Every success story has one."

While I agree that certain moments can be pointed to and named as "big breaks" I think this cultural meme has potential to do harm and is of the mythical and magical thinking variety.