A Secret of Remote Work Success: Rebel + Connect! #ProFinderContest

What We Do

At Rebel + Connect we work with remote leaders empowering them to use retreats as a strategic tool to enhance worker experience and company culture.

Personal Impact

“Working on a team whose mission is to celebrate human life, underneath a clear and cohesive brand identity and corresponding company culture, has healed many of my past entrepreneurial wounds, connected me with amazing professionals from across the globe, and fills me with immense pride and sense of professional identity.” ~ Charlie Birch

“Being a part of the Rebel + Connect founding team has shown me there is strength in community and collaboration at a whole new level!” ~ Summer Weirich

“We have a passion for re-humanizing the remote work-space. As a remote team that works with remote teams we are a living example of the problems we solve. This is founder match at its finest and brings a sense of ease, grace, and flow into my daily life.” ~ Rachel McGehee

Community Impact

As a team we are able to join forces with other companies whose products and services complement our own. This allows us to advocated for and champion a culture of collaboration in the larger entrepreneurial community.

Additionally, we offer a plethora of “free to the public” learning resources including our blog Stories from the Road…, podcast Rebel + Connect Radio, and webinar feed Rebel + Connect U all with the intention of empowering remote workers to grow as individuals, teammates, and global citizens.

Customer Impact

Our VIP members are empowered to:

  • promote their remote company cultures.

  • recruit amazing remote workers.

  • access exclusive live virtual trainings.

  • network 24/7.

  • learn on demand.

Our Discovery Package ensures that all remote leaders have access to a clear custom vision when planning their retreats.

Our Atlas Package connects remote leaders with the right products and services for their custom retreat needs.

Our Concierge Package gives leaders and their teams piece of mind that they can experience game changing custom company retreats without fear of excess stress, overwhelm, or risk of burnout. You do what you do best, and let us handle the retreat planning, execution and follow up!

At every level of service we focus on humanitarian service, connection to nature, engaging personal and professional growth, cultural immersion, and adventure.

How We Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for our team.

We use LinkedIn to research and reach out to potential network providers, freelancers, and potential clients.

We make regular use of the LinkedIn Pulse publishing platform and our LinkedIn page helps the right people find us, reassures them that we are legit, and makes it easy for them to reach out to explore possibilities.

The Sky's The Limit

To learn more about the ins and outs and ups and downs of our startup journey, check out our Road to Success blog series on PRSUIT.

Want to learn more about the Founders?

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Rebel + Connect creates custom retreats for remote teams. A Colorado based company owned and operated by Charlie BirchRachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, we operate remotely and service clients from all over the globe. Join us as we create cultures of meaning and celebrate human connections in a digital world!

For more about our mission follow us on InstagramTwitter, connect with us on LinkedIn by clicking on our names above and checking out our LinkedIn Pulse articles. Email us directly at Info@RebelandConnect.co. Join our FREE Facebook Community