Top 3 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Guatemala


When planning your team’s next company retreat in Guatemala, it is a great idea to consider experiencing Guatemalan culture with one of the major events that highlight the local culture.

The culture in Guatemala is based on the country’s religious mishmash of Mayan spiritual traditions, Catholicism, and Christianity.



1. Coffee Harvest Celebration


Every February in Fraijanes there is a three day festival to celebrate the arrival of the coffee harvest! On February 2nd, the town celebrates the Virgen de Candelaria and on February 4th the festival wraps up with the celebration of El Sagrado Corazón de Jesus.

This festival has many processions with great food, amazing Guatemalan music, dancing, and of course a lot of coffee drinking!


2. Cobán Folkloric Festival


This fiesta is celebrated in Cobis in July and it is a true showcase of traditional Indian culture. The culture is showcased through music and dancing by the local Kekchis to the traditional Paabanc.

The Kekchis are adorned with traditional costumes as you can seen in the above photo. The highlight of the festival is the crowning of the beauty pageant queen!


3. Barriletes Gigantes de Santiago Sacatepequez Guatemala


Directly translated, Barriletes Gigantes means “giant kites” in English. This festival is a celebration that takes place in the beginning of November and it is one of many ways to celebrate Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Día de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day).

You have probably heard of All Saints Day and Day of the Dead, but did you know that it is a multi-day holiday that focuses on gathering of friends and family to celebrate the lives of their dead friends, family, and ancestors?!

The kite flying as seen in the image above has been practiced for the last 3,000 years and locals believe it is a tool for communicating with the beyond.

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Though many countries in Latin America celebrate Día de Los Muertos, enjoying the dish Fiambre is unique to Guatemalan culture. Fiambre is a dish that is only prepared once a year - on this holiday. Fiambre is made with over 50 ingredients (see picture below) and it is more than just a food item, “it is a symbol of Guatemalan love and community, a melting pot of traditions and locations and methods and people.”


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