Top 3 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Jamaica

 Top 4 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Jamaica

If your team is looking for a truly relaxing and musically rich vacation to a warm destination, Jamaica is a great part of the Caribbean to escape to!

Jamaica is fun to visit at any time of the year with average temperatures ranging from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 degrees Celsius) in the lowlands - temperatures are slightly cooler in the mountainous region. Regardless of the time of year, expect breezy weather during the day and especially at night!

There are always fun happenings in Jamaica (in addition to amazing food), but if you really want to enjoy yourself bring your team to Jamaica for one of these great music events you won’t want to miss, mon!



1. Reggae Month

Reggae is the heartbeat of Jamaica…the unique music that springs from the creative imagination of a diverse people, forged in a crucible of common experiences, struggles, successes and spirituality that survived the Middle Passage to become our indigenous creation, our national expression, our musical voice in the world, a driving force of our economy and the industry providing the greatest opportunity to transform the country…

We are in the middle of February, which is Reggae Month in Jamaica! Since 2009, the entire month of February is dedicated to Reggae! JaRIA has a full calendar of events lined up and you can find even more celebration by the locals all around the island!


2. The Annual Jamaica International OchoRio’s Jazz Festival


The Ochorio’s Jazz Festival started in 1991 as a one day event and since then it has grown to an eight day long event and has become the largest jazz festival in the entire region! “Ocho Rios” translates to “8 Rivers” in Spanish - this city is where the event began. This two month festival is held during May and June of each year and is comprised of events and concerts throughout the entirety of the island.


Events at OchoRio's Jazz festival range from jazz brunches to jazz jam sessions to events that share the history of Jazz in the region - there is something for everybody on your team! Though there are events throughout the two month period, the opening and closing events are the must-see events!


3. Reggae SumFest


In its 26th year, Reggae SumFest is held during the summer and it is the premier reggae festival in Jamaica; this festival is held in Montego Bay. The 2017 event showcased one of the biggest reggae festivals ever staged in Jamaica.


SumFest showcases events such as ColorFest Beach Party,  the Reggae Industry Symposium, All White, Blitz - The All Black Edition, Heavyweight Sound Clash, and Morning Medz. This year these events are held July 15th-July 22nd.

As of this moment, confirmed performers include Damian " Jr. Gong " Marley, Beres Hammond, Popcaan, Maxi Priest, Spice, Sizzla, Capleton, Aidonia, Cham, Ding Dong, and more artists yet to come!


As You Can See…


Jamaica has a musically rich culture and concerts are a must for the locals and visitors alike. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, immersion into an area’s culture is key to understanding these cultures that we are not familiar with. Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School explains that immersive experiential travel increases both cognitive flexibility and in-depth systems thinking, as well as generalized trust and faith in humanity.

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When you bring your team to Jamaica, you will certainly grow closer as a team and additionally happiness levels within your team will increase. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%, earn 1.2-1.7% more than peer firms, and are 2.1% above industry benchmarks.

Jamaica, mon! Time to treat your team, mon!

Please add comments and ask questions in the comment section below. If you want ideas for events in other countries, please reach out and let us know!


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