Top 4 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Austria

 Top 4 Events to Consider When Planning Your Next Company Retreat in Austria

Your team loves to travel and experience new things - consider Austria as a destination for your company retreat during any time of year!

There are events that take place year-round across the entire country. The below events are some that your team won’t want to miss!



1. New Year’s Eve & Skiing in Innsbruck


Start your new year off with a bang - literally!

The firework festivities begin on the streets of Innsbruck around six-o'clock in the morning - the fireworks last about twenty four hours.

Your team can take a free bus from Innsbruck to nine different ski areas including Schlick 2000, Axamer Lizum, Stubai Glacier and these resorts are all easily accessible and on the same pass, the Olympiaworld Ski Pass!

After a day of skiing your team can enjoy the warm taste of glühwein as you celebrate après with the locals - in Austria every day is a party at the ski resorts!

Once you return to Innsbruck, head to Old Town down by the river and you will be in the midst of a plethora of people ready to ring in the new year.

It’s a party down by the river with a brass band and everybody in high spirits!

It really is amazing….you will see fireworks set off from the city, from the river, and from the mountainside across the river.

Austria offers a lot of options for New Years. Other options for New Years Eve in Austria include Hofburg Silvester Ball, Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss broadcast live on the outdoor screen at Vienna State Opera, and Silvesterpfad fireworks at City Hall in Vienna!


2. Glorious Ball Season


In Vienna, glorious balls season spans the months of January through June and over these months over 450 grand balls take place. That’s over 2,000 hours of dancing!

All sorts of balls exist from the Lawyer’s Ball to the Bonbon Ball to the Rainbow Ball to the exquisite and exclusive Vienna Philharmonic Ball at the Vienna Musikverein to one of the oldest traditional balls, Rudolfina Masked Ball at the Imperial Palace!

If you want to take advantage of a rich cultural immersion in Vienna, ball season is certainly an option you can use during your team’s retreat!


3. Vienna Wine Hiking Day


Vienna is home to over 32,000 square acres of vineyards and 190 vintners. In autumn, on wine hiking day, you can hike on three routes throughout the vineyards that comprise 15 miles of trails!

When you are hiking and enjoying the great outdoors with your team you will be welcomed by Viennese vintners that offer tastings from cellar and kitchen!


Route 1 takes you from Neustift to Nussdorf, route 2 takes you from Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf, and route 3 takes you from Ottakring to Neuwaldegg. You can get additional information about the vineyards, the trails, and more by going to Vienna’s tourism site.


4. Salzburg Summer Festival



The Salzburg Festival has taken place every July/August since the 1920s. Mark Swed/LOS ANGELES TIMES chooses the Salzburg Festival as Festival of the year:

“The once-glorious is glorious again under the new leadership of the pianist Markus Hinterhäuser, and nothing proved that more than Peter Sellars’ new production of Mozart’s last opera, La Clemenza di Tito. It took a hard, long, historical look at the European immigration crisis and featured a phenomenal cast and conductor, the bizarrely, mind-bogglingly vivid Teodor Currentzis, setting new standards for what Mozart opera can look like, sound like and mean.”
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Zachary Woolfe calls this festival the Disneyland of music “not just because it’s a playground, but also because it requires a game plan. Each day of its six weeks is jammed with sometimes six, seven or eight performances.”

Since this festival is one of the premier cultural events of Europe, it is important to plan well enough in advance to assure you and your team can get tickets and lodging for the plays, world-class music acts, and more!


As You Can See…


Cultural immersion is key to understanding other cultures, growing closer as a team, and keeping the country’s culture alive. Cultural immersion also improves confidence within your team which will make your company retreat worth every penny!

There is an eclectic mix of events to enjoy with your team in Austria - feel free to add comments or ask questions with the comment section below.

If you want ideas for events in other countries, please reach out and let us know!


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