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Content Creation Checklist


☐ Pick a unique focus keyword for the page or post, keeping in mind that long-tail keywords are performing better and better these days. So something like “Remote Team Management” can be considered a “keyword” in the same way “remote” can be.

☐ Use the keyword in the title. On the front end (left) of the title is best. i.e. “Remote Work: Making Meaning…” is better than "Making Meaning in Remote Work".

// How long should the page title be? The page title should be around 70 characters, but no less than 40. The best length is no more than 55 characters.

☐ Also! Use the keyword in the first paragraph of the copy after the title.

☐ Use the keyword in a heading or subheading at some point in the page or post copy. Sooner rather than later.

☐ Final page or post no less than 300 words, no more than 2000 words.

☐ Have at least one outbound link. That means a link to a high quality website or blog post or article, etc., that is not on your own website.

☐ Have at least one image optimized for Twitter. 1024x512 pixels.

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