Region - Lake Atilian
Village - San Marcos La Laguna
Country - Guatemala


History and Culture

Lake Atitlan is thought to be one of the most beautiful lake regions in the world. Three volcanoes can be seen towering over the lake, which is surrounded by lush jungle-covered mountains.

San Marcos La Laguna is one perhaps the most beautiful of a hand full of traditional Mayan villages that make up this region. A small, peaceful and laid-back village - this village attracts visitors from around the globe.

The culture values holistic health and spiritual consciousness. Wandering around the village you will find massage places, meditation centres.

The local food culture is equally vibrant. Most restaurants and cafes featured out door seating with gorgeous lush gardens.  Food tends to be sourced locally and is always healthy, fresh, wholesome, and delicious.


Summit Hub

Eagle's Retreat has generously donated their space to serve as the Summit's Hub.

Eagle's Retreat Guatemala
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A bit about Guatemala

Wander through colorful street-art lined tunnels in San Marcos la Laguna.

Wander through colorful street-art lined tunnels in San Marcos la Laguna.

Guatemala actually translates as "land of the forests" and was derived from a Mayan dialect spoken by the indigenous tribes at the time of the Spanish conquest in 1523. Mayan culture is still very present throughout the country with Spanish influences as well.

With 37 volcanoes, lush rainforests, azure blue lakes and shoreline surfing, the country is rich with diverse landscapes and topography.

Whether you are searching for a relaxing retreat to the beach, some adventure filled group excursions, yoga and meditation, or time to gather together over delicious local fare, this country is a great location to explore with your team.

Want to spend a few extra days exploring before or after the Remote Work Summit? More information and travel packages coming soon for coffee plantations, excursions, walking tours and more!


Travel Tips



Transportation in Guatemala is often done on a "chicken bus" or public bus.

The major international airport is La Aurora International Airport (GUA) in Guatemala City, Guatemala. There are domestic and regional airports throughout the country as well.

While in Guatemala there are public buses and minibuses as well as taxis and tuk-tuks or private shuttle buses. The public buses, also known as a "chicken bus" tend to be crowded, but it is definitely an experience worth having to understand how the locals get around.

When staying in the lake communities, you can hop from village to village by speed boat.


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Unique street art lines the walls throughout San Marcos.

Unique street art lines the walls throughout San Marcos.

Guatemala is on the Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ). The currency symbol is Q. According to, the most popular exchange rate is the GTQ to USD, the US Dollar. Money exchanges can be made at the airport when you arrive or at local banks and currency exchange center. You can get more information about the currency and current exchange rates here.

Remember that Travellers Cheques are only accepted at dedicated foreign exchange shops or banks. There are plenty of ATMs around Guatemala, especially in the larger cities, so you can always get cash once you are in the country, just be aware of your own bank fees, ATM withdrawal fees and credit card foreign transaction fees. 


What to do once in Guatemala

We definitely suggest a stop in Antigua if your travel schedule allows. We can help plan a wonderful experience for you.

Explore the vibrant streets of Antigua on your way to Lake Atitlan.

Explore the vibrant streets of Antigua on your way to Lake Atitlan.

The city of Antigua is rich with culture and beautiful architecture. Fly into GUA and we can plan a private shuttle bus to take you to the city.

Our two favorite hotels in Antigua are Hotel Casa Antigua and Camino Real Antigua. Both provide beautiful accommodations with traditional Guatemalan fabrics adorning the room. Casa Antigua is slightly closer to the city center and has a beautiful rooftop view of the Agua, Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes.

When exploring Antigua, be sure to stop by the chocolate museum, Choco Museo, where you can hear about the history and culture of Antigua while pleasing the palette with some of the world's best chocolate treats. You can meander through the free museum or try something like a "Chocolate Workshop" and learn more about the chocolate making process!

Tasting coffee at R. Dalton Coffee Plantation in Antigua.

Tasting coffee at R. Dalton Coffee Plantation in Antigua.


R. Dalton Coffee Plantation is a great place to visit while in Antigua too.

You can see the plants from seeds to roasted beans, learn about the history of Guatemala and end with a taste test of various roasts. Then, when you return to your own individual home office, you can sip your fresh Guatemala roast and be brought back to the amazing memories made while exploring a new culture.


What to do in San Marcos La Laguna and on Lake Atitlan

From sunrise hikes, to cooking classes, to speed boat rides and cliff jumping, San Marcos and the surrounding villages on Lake Atitlan have numerous experiences to immerse yourself in while in town for the Remote Work Summit. We can provide suggestions for you or handle all of the planning for you as well. Contact us and let us know what you need!