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Go BE Great!

BE in your truth.

BE with your breath.


Go BE Great!”
— Ed Harrold





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Building Resilience For Optimal Performance
The Art and Science of Self-Regulation, Resilience, and Productivity w/ Ed Harrold

This training recording is available to all VIP members indefinitely in the Media Library.





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Working WITH ED


Ed suggest booking his services a minimum of 3-6 months in advance.

Ed's rates:

Speaker/Lecture $5,000

Pricing for corporate contracts for Transformation Coaching or Simplicity of Stress starts at $3,500 depending on length of contract.

Pricing for retreat facilitation of Corporate Endurance, Simplicity of Stress varies depending on group size + distance traveled.

Pricing for training on Breath As Medicine or Simplicity of Stress For Physician Wellness varies depending on group size + distance traveled.


Ed offers digital products and will travel locally, nationally, and internationally to deliver in-person services.



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