Foot Hammock by Basic Support

Home Office Essentials Remote Work

Why work from home if you aren't comfortable?

This foot hammock ensures you can kick back and be productive in your home office.

  • + DURABLE BREATHABLE FABRIC: The 100% cotton fabric is soft, non-abrasive and makes it comfortable for you to stay put longer with your leg up without worrying about sweating or any other discomfort.
  • + ADJUSTABLE: Your BASIC COMFORT feet hammock is adjustable two ways. Low down just for a slight lift during work hours or high up parallel to your thighs when you really want your legs up during lunch. You will love it better than the make shift chair.
  • + COMPLETE LEG AND BACK SUPPORT: Sitting hours together at work or at home takes its toll mainly on the lower back muscle, and imparts soreness on the thighs and calf due to unsupported feet. Get rid of it with your BASIC SUPPORT feet hammock.
  • + EASY TO SET UP: Your foot hammock is easy to set up and it takes less than a minute. It is compatible with most desks that have a desktop that is less than 55cms thick without any drawer cabinet underneath that may block your hammock rope
  • + INCLUDES: 100% cotton canvas, 2 powder coated steel clips, Hanging ropes, support wood (Hinoki cyprus), Instruction manual. Size: 64cms X 17cms