Portable Adjustable Travel Elastic Clothesline by Hawatour

travel clothesline for digital nomads

Whether you are camping or staying in an Airbnb, minimalism is vital for success as a digital nomad. Pack light and stay fresh with this portable clotheslines.

  • Stainless steel material that makes it strong, durable and rust retardant.
  • Black clips that restrain the 12 clothespins from sliding.
  • Adjustable clips can be moved smoothly from left to right.
  • Expands to 10 feet and retracts to save a lot of space when not in use.
  • Steel hooks at both ends that can be attached anywhere: hotel, bathroom, laundry, RV, boat, balcony or even attached on trees. 
  • Comes with a full year of hassle-free replacement and warranty thus ensuring a complete peace of mind to the buyer. In the case of faulty or malfunctioning parts, one can get immediate replacement or refund.