External Desktop Hard Drive by Seagate


When you work remotely, file storage space is a vital part of your professional landscape. Avoid spending your days sorting through files, making hard choices about what to move to the trash can, fearing you may delete something important by mistake.

Seagate Backup Plus is easily one of the best external hard drives of 2017.

  • Powerful technology combined with top notch design sensibility, it is definitely something a remote worker would want and everything a backup unit should be.
  • Sleek and powerful with tons of storage space.
  • With a USB 3.0 port it allows you to transfer files at speeds up to 160mb/s and can be used interchangeably between windows and mac computers without formatting. 
  • You can also charge other devices on the go.  
  • Enjoy cross-platform compatibility, exceptional reliability and speed in phenomenally high capacities up to 8TB.

    This device is a faithful companion. Cloud storage is ideal, but you can’t take the internet everywhere you go.