Wireless Mouse by Logitech


Having a built-in mouse pad is great when on the go, but from the comfort of your home office a wireless mouse it a great perk.

  • Crafted to support wrist comfort, this mouse has advanced gesture features.
  • Option to connect to multiple systems with just a click.
  • The thumb wheel makes for easy horizontal scrolling. 
  • The dark field laser sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces.
  • Optimized for Windows and Mac.
  • Click-to-click mode is ideal for precise, ratcheted motion.
  • By installing Logitech Options you can extend thumb wheel capabilities, such as invert scrolling direction, reproduce touch-based gesture, navigate tabbed content, switch apps, and much more.
  • 40 days of battery life on a single charge you are good to go anywhere.