'Life With Breath: Iq + Eq = New You' by Ed Harrold

Breath work and technique to increase productivity and happiness in remote workers.

Working remotely is a great way to reduce job related stress.  However, self management has its own drawbacks. Sometimes you may lack direction.

Imagine a life where you wake everyday feeling absolutely wonderful.

You gently stretch your arms and smile as you think about the day ahead. You feel relaxed, refreshed and full of energy.

You open the window and take a deep breath. You are filled with gratitude for your life, your family and friends and the wonders of the natural world.

Life is good.

This can be your life if you choose it.

Life With Breath is a journey of discovering the mind-body relationship, linked through breath, specifically, yogic breathing. The reader discovers how this serves as a basis for reducing stress, improving health and well-being, building resilience, improving performance AND transforming negative habitual patterns of behavior.