'Serenflipity: 30 Everyday Adventure Cards' by Cara Thomas

Increase adventure and connection with other remote workers and digital nomads.

Whether you are working remotely or traveling on an adventure fueled journey, these cards are a great way to feed your appetite for adventure.

Discover more serendipity, connection, and adventure in your life. These 30 cards, with themes of "spark", "connect," and "explore," encourage people to engage with the world and connect in unexpected and exciting ways — from asking a rock-star for a mantra, uncovering the secret to love, or simply making a stranger's day.

The rules are simple: just pick a card and complete the adventure. Take as long as you need, and when you're done, pick a new card and start all over.

Meet the Author

Cara Thomas spent over 10 years inventing award-winning products for Fortune 100 companies. She found that adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs. In need of that personally, she started Serenflipity as an experiment — and it ended up changing her life.

It started with a one-way flight to Mumbai, and 90 challenges written by 90 friends, clients and strangers. Each day she flipped a card, followed its direction and blogged the tale.

The results were surprising and serendipitous — and even included getting life-changing advice from Steven Tyler.

Cara has launched Serenflipity to encourage that spirit of adventure into everyday life, anywhere in the world.