PowerLine Micro USB by Anker

Durable charging cable perfect for remote workers and digital nomads on the go.

PowerLine Micro USB comes highly recommended for remote workers who are on the go and need a reliable product on hand while traveling. Anker never disappoints when it comes to USB charging products. It is easily the best micro USB cable of 2017 (or ever!) as it has reduced resistance in the cable enabling quick charging for your devices:

  • The material and build quality is far superior to any product available on the market as the cable’s resistance is 25% lower than any other cable that is currently available, keeping voltage steady and in turn maintaining a speedy power transfer.

  • Generally, the weakest point on cables is the jack and sheath connection point - this vulnerability is removed from PowerLine with precision laser welding which holds fast in all conditions.

  • Using engineering innovations like laser welding, aramid reinforcement and dual PVC fusion, the cable has reinforced stress points which give long lasting durability.

  • At last, it is backed by an 18-month warranty and friendly, easy-to-reach customer support so you can always rely on the brand no matter what.

PowerLine is the benchmark that all other cables aspire to reach. Make sure you don’t compromise your device’s advanced technology - no other cable can offer the durability or speed of the PowerLine.