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VTIN Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headset

VTIN Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headset for Remote Workers

As a remote worker, you've likely spend hours interacting via video chat and over the phone - you must have realized relying on laptop microphones for such business interactions is not a good idea. If you want a bluetooth solution, this is the headset for you! This headset is comfortable, reliable, and the batter life is phenomonal! 

  • High Quality Sound. With 4 X noise cancelling technology, the Bluetooth headset provides you crystal clear sound even in noisy environment.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable. The driver's headphones is lightweight and will not cause the feeling of overwhelming on your head.
  • Super Long Battery Life. It allows up to 12 hours continuous talking time and 200 hours standby time with a single USB charger.
  • Friendly Design. The Mic is adjustable for left or right reference. Furthermore, the over-the- head configuration is also customizable to fit your inclination for snug fit.
  • Easy to Use. It can pair with two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. Please be noted that: this headphone is specially designed for calling, not for music. Not supporting listen to music.

Trtl Pillow by Trtl

Neck support for airplanes.

As a digital nomad, finding the right neck pillow for those long flights is vital! This unique options caught our eye.

  • Scientifically proven long-haul flight neck support pillow
  • Holds neck in ergonomic position during rest
  • Better than a traditional u-shaped memory foam travel pillow
  • Half the size of a travel pillow and weighs only 148 grams – travels easy
  • Easily attaches to luggage

PowerCore 10000 by Anker

Digital nomads and remote workers won't run out of battery life with this power bank.

In today's world, your smartphone is your best friend, not only for remote workers but also for almost everyone. Quite often though our best friend dies on us half way through the day either due to excessive use or lack of access to a power source for an extensive period of time. Anker PowerCore 1000 is the best power bank of 2017 because it is fully loaded with the following features:

  • It's one of the smallest and lightest 10000mAh portable chargers.

  • It provides almost three-and-a-half iPhone 6s charges or two-and-a-half Galaxy S6 charges.

  • The exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver the fastest possible charge for any device.

  • The Qualcomm Quick Charge is not supported.

  • The Anker's MultiProtect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.


Agua by Cotopaxi

Remote workers and digital nomads stay hydrated as you explore the world.

The original nomads carried water in leather pouches because even they knew water is the most essential possession on any journey. The Cotopaxi Agua insulated BPA-Free water bottle is a great choice for a digital nomad like you:

  • The double-walled construction keeps contents hot for 12 hrs and cold for 24 hrs.

  • It's the perfect water bottle for hot summer hikes and an excellent coffee mug for traveling and commuting.

  • Its high quality ring ensures no leaks no matter how you shake it.

  • It is BPA-free and resistant to bacteria and odors providing you with fresh drinking water.

Dimensions: Bottle Height: 500ml- 8 1/4 inches 750ml- 10 inches 1000ml- 12 1/4 inches

Warranty: Cotopaxi products are guaranteed to last 61 years—the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world


Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold by Sleep Restoration

Sleep mask for a remote workers dream sleep.

When you travel and work remotely, sleep is vital. Be a well-prepared digital nomad with this top-of-the-line sleeping mask.

The Sleep Restoration Super-Soft, Extra-Smooth Silk Sleep Mask will relax, rejuvenate, and restore your body and mind! Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by improving your sleep today with this custom design silk sleeping mask:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, enjoying perks like increased energy and a sharper memory.

  • Our silk sleep mask helps you experience a better sleep cycle by providing complete darkness any time of day to ensure deep uninterrupted sleep.

  • Our mask is ideal for men and women.


K810 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard by Logitech

Ergonomically designed keyboard for remote workers and digital nomads.

The PC market is overflowing with quality products, but the Logitech K80 wireless keyboard stands out. Combining superior efficiency with no compromise in aesthetics, this is easily the best Bluetooth keyboard of 2017:

  • Whisper quiet typing with automatically adjusting back-lit keys for soft viewing makes this product a wonderful upgrade.

  • It offers connectivity between multiple devices so instead of shuffling between devices you can access them with a simple click on the keyboard making multitasking relatively easy.

  • The K810 is rechargeable so there is no longer a need to replace the batteries.

  • It comes with a range of up to 30 feet so you can work from bed if you work from home or carry it with you anywhere you go.


'Serenflipity: 30 Everyday Adventure Cards' by Cara Thomas

Increase adventure and connection with other remote workers and digital nomads.

Whether you are working remotely or traveling on an adventure fueled journey, these cards are a great way to feed your appetite for adventure.

Discover more serendipity, connection, and adventure in your life. These 30 cards, with themes of "spark", "connect," and "explore," encourage people to engage with the world and connect in unexpected and exciting ways — from asking a rock-star for a mantra, uncovering the secret to love, or simply making a stranger's day.

The rules are simple: just pick a card and complete the adventure. Take as long as you need, and when you're done, pick a new card and start all over.

Meet the Author

Cara Thomas spent over 10 years inventing award-winning products for Fortune 100 companies. She found that adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs. In need of that personally, she started Serenflipity as an experiment — and it ended up changing her life.

It started with a one-way flight to Mumbai, and 90 challenges written by 90 friends, clients and strangers. Each day she flipped a card, followed its direction and blogged the tale.

The results were surprising and serendipitous — and even included getting life-changing advice from Steven Tyler.

Cara has launched Serenflipity to encourage that spirit of adventure into everyday life, anywhere in the world.


Foldable Solar Backpack by ECEEN

Solar charger backpack perfect for adventure seeking remote workers and digital nomads.

As a frequent outdoor enthusiast or a fan of geeky backpacks, you do not want to miss out on the revolutionary ECEEN Foldable Backpack + Solar Phone Charger - a friend of remote workers everywhere. Here is why we believe this is the best of it's kind:

  • The ECEEN Solar Backpack captures more sunlight than conventional solar panels, so in turn, it generates more electricity per panel.

  • It can store energy to use at night.

  • The removable, compact size solar panel charger is designed for portability.

  • With a stylish look, this pack-able, go-anywhere bag is for super-minimalists who make every gram count.

  • The adjustable and breathable straps make it easy and comfortable to carry all day.

  • It folds into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere and unfolds from the pocket to use as a backpack.

  • Being lightweight and roomy, it is a true space saver.

Dimensions: Unfold: 19x13x8.2 inches, Fold: 7.49x7.50x3.0 inches.


Personal Water Filter by LifeStraw

Water filter to keep remote workers and digital nomads healthy

Life as a digital nomad is a blast, but it can also take you to corners of the world where water quality is questionable. Save money while staying hydrated with this Personal Water Filter by LifeStraw. It is easily one of the best portable water filters on the market:

  • Removes a minimum of 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction) and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns; including Salmonella, E-coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium

  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; comes in a sealed bag, perfect for emergency preparedness

  • Provides access to clean, safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster or survival situation

  • No batteries to replace, no moving parts to wear out

  • Weighs only 2 oz. (54g)

  • Proven, reliable and effective

Don’t waste your money on water bottles! With the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, have confidence when drinking from the nearest faucet, river or stream.


PowerLine Micro USB by Anker

Durable charging cable perfect for remote workers and digital nomads on the go.

PowerLine Micro USB comes highly recommended for remote workers who are on the go and need a reliable product on hand while traveling. Anker never disappoints when it comes to USB charging products. It is easily the best micro USB cable of 2017 (or ever!) as it has reduced resistance in the cable enabling quick charging for your devices:

  • The material and build quality is far superior to any product available on the market as the cable’s resistance is 25% lower than any other cable that is currently available, keeping voltage steady and in turn maintaining a speedy power transfer.

  • Generally, the weakest point on cables is the jack and sheath connection point - this vulnerability is removed from PowerLine with precision laser welding which holds fast in all conditions.

  • Using engineering innovations like laser welding, aramid reinforcement and dual PVC fusion, the cable has reinforced stress points which give long lasting durability.

  • At last, it is backed by an 18-month warranty and friendly, easy-to-reach customer support so you can always rely on the brand no matter what.

PowerLine is the benchmark that all other cables aspire to reach. Make sure you don’t compromise your device’s advanced technology - no other cable can offer the durability or speed of the PowerLine.


PowerLine Lightning Cable by Anker

Lightning cable to charge all devices for remote workers and digital nomads.

It never hurts to have multiple charging cables, one for home, one for the car, and one for your suitcase! Check out the Anker PowerLine Lightning cable, possibly the best lightning cable connector for iPhones: 

  • The material and build quality are far superior to any product available on the market as the cable’s resistance is 25% lower than any other cable currently available, keeping voltage steady and in turn maintaining a speedy power transfer.

  • Generally, the weakest point on cables is the jack and sheath connection point - this vulnerability is removed from PowerLine lightning cable connector with precision laser welding which holds fast, in all conditions.

  • Using engineering innovations like laser welding, aramid reinforcement and dual PVC fusion, the cable has reinforced stress points which give long lasting durability.

  • Finally, it's backed by the fan favorite 18-month warranty and friendly, easy-to-reach customer support so you can always rely on the brand no matter what.

PowerLine is the benchmark that all other cables aspire to reach. Make sure you don’t compromise your device’s advanced technology - no other cable can offer the durability or speed of the PowerLine.


High Performance Indoor/Outdoor Synthetic Puffy Down Blanket by Rumpl

Rumpl indoor outdoor blanket home office adventure remote work digital nomad

Go wherever with this rugged Performance Blanket. This blanket is perfect for digital nomads who love traveling and adventures:

  • Light, durable, waterproof

  • Odor and stain resistant

  • Completely machine washable

  • Designed for use inside the house and outdoors

  • Comes with a small stuff sack, so you can easily take it with you when traveling or on the go


Backup Plus Slim by Seagate

Seagate backup external hard drive USB remote work digital nomad

As a remote worker storing data and organizing your digital life are top priorities. This is the best portable hard drive money can buy in 2017:

  • 12.1 millimeters thin with up to 4TB of capacity, it’s ready to take with you and go.
  • Create easy customized backup plans with included Seagate Dashboard software, including the things you’ve shared on Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

  • Run a one-click backup or schedule an automatic backup plan to protect your files on your Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive at your convenience.

  • The High-speed USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity offers plug-and-play functionality on your PC without the need of an external power supply.

  • Use your Backup Plus Portable Drives interchangeably on PC and Mac computers, without needing to reformat. Simply install NTFS drivers on your Mac and you're good to go.

  • This device is compatible with PlayStation 4 (Requires PS4 System Software Update 4.50 or higher).


Quiet Comfort 25 Noise Canceling Headphones by Bose

Bose noise cancelling headphones remote work peace digital nomad

Quite often, while dealing with noisy environments, a remote worker like yourself might find yourself cursing your situation, and then you may want to get your hands on the pair of headphones that does the job for you. Get yourself some peace and serenity away from the usual chaos. When you think of the best noise canceling headphones you can buy, there is nothing better in the market than the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones:

  • They are engineered to sound better and be more comfortable.

  • The music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer.

  • Even air travel becomes enjoyable -- no matter how noisy the surroundings are, it’s just you and your music

  • The headband and ear cushions are lightweight & soft.

  • The advanced noise reduction technology quells the external noise so you can focus more on what matters.

  • Also engineered to work optimally with most Apple devices.

  • The inline mic/remote lets you control various music functions and talk on your phone.

  • The headphones fold into a compact case that’s lightweight yet rugged.


Voyager Edge by Plantronics

Bluetooth wireless headset hands free telecommute remote work digital nomad

This is hands down the best Bluetooth headset for remote workers. Go wireless without compromising clarity and comfort:

  • This headset has Signature Plantronics Audio Technology providing enhanced voice clarity through Bluetooth 4.0 and wideband audio support.

  • It senses when the headset is being worn so it can automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or redirect audio to your phone when you set down your headset.

  • Through Plantronics voice recognition technology, manage calls hands-free without pressing buttons.

  • Voyager Edge syncs to your contacts, telling you who's calling before you answer.

  • Voice commands make call management easy—simply say "Answer" to take the call, or "Ignore" to send it to voicemail.

  • The Find My Headset app will locate your headset through your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

  • Three optional ear tips -- small, medium, and large -- for the most comfortable fit in either ear.

  • The Plantronics InstantMeeting app automatically identifies conference calls and dialing details from your calendar, and it reminds you just before the meeting is scheduled to begin.


PrivaScreen Privacy Filter by Fellowes


Working remotely definitely comes with its risks. Sensitive business information or any kind of personal information can easily be stolen. 'Shoulder surfing' as it has become labeled, is a growing form of identity theft in which private on-screen information is either viewed or photographed over the shoulders of anyone using a mobile device. Take care of your information, keep it protected with one of the best privacy screen protectors the market has to offer, The Fellowes PrivaScreen Privacy Filters.

  • It blacks out the screen image when viewed from side angles to prevent prying eyes from reading your screen

  • Protects screen from fingerprints and scratches, and it is easy to attach and remove

  • It is also Reversible; matte side helps reduce glare and filter are compatible with touchscreen laptops and monitors

  • Privacy filter fits monitors with a diagonal screen measurement of 19.0" (viewable area only) and a 5:4 aspect ratio

  • Actual filter dimensions are 14-13/16" W x 11-7/8" H


Travel Kit with Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, and Earplugs by Everlasting Comfort


Flight journeys are an important rest time for someone working remotely and spending a lot of time traveling. Hailed as one of the best sleeping kits for travelers, The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel Kit is a must have for digital nomads.

  • Ultra plush velour cover features an easy to use zipper and is machine washable.

  • Premium quality memory foam ear plugs with an industry leading NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 33

  • Eye mask

  • Padded adjustable sleep mask

  • Raised lobes on either side that allow your neck and head to lean comfortably

  • Ideal for sleeping in your seat during long plane flights or sitting upright in any type of chair.

  • Rest comfortably and listen to your favorite tunes with a small elastic pocket that fits all cell phones, iPods, and other devices

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


The best portable solar charger by Dizaul


When traveling and working remotely you power outlets can be few and far between. One of the best portable solar chargers on the market, Dizaul 5000mAh has a unique design and features to fulfill all your charging needs.

  • Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, and with rubber paint surface process, and Football grain design has an anti-skid protecting effect.
  • Water resistant design ensures the device functions smoothly when it's raining; Shock-proof feature ensures the device work properly even it crashes or drops.
  • With the free hook included, you may hang it on your backpack for long flights, road trips, hiking, camping, or such, handy to carry and charge by solar.
  • The USB ports are well protected by rubber caps, to further keep them away from water and safe to charge smartphones, tablets, or any other 5V USB-charged devices.
  • The Dual USB ports, emergency flashlight, and the smart LED indicators make it a futuristic device.
  • Parameter: Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery, Capacity: 5000mAh, Input: 5V/1A, Output: 5V/2X1A, Product Dimension: 142*75*13.6 mm, Product Weight: 146 g, Solar Panel: 5.5V/1.2W, AC charging time: about 6-7 hours
  • Package including: 1 x Solar Charger, 1 x Hook, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x Mini Flexible USB LED Light

SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker II by Bose - The best bluetooth speaker of 2017


A little water on you never stopped you from your remote working life so why let it stop you from grooving to your favorite beat? SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker by Bose is one of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2017, small yet powerful with water resistance.
While buying a Bluetooth speaker you may look for features like water-resistant, compactness and durability. One of the best Bluetooth and wireless speakers you should buy is Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II.

  • The SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II provides full-range, portable sound anywhere you go

  • Advanced Bose technology packs big sound into a small, water-resistant speaker

  • It’s durable with an easy-touch silicone texture

  • Voice prompts and NFC helps your to easily pair it with your devices

  • 8 hours of backup, and it’s rechargeable via Micro-B USB

  • Built-in speakerphone to handle calls without holding your phone

  • The Bose Connect app lets you drag and drop Bluetooth connections, unlock features and access updates down the line

  • SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker is available in Aquatic Blue, Coral Red, Soft Black or Polar White


Grounded Universal Travel Plug Adapters by BESTEK


When you travel quite often outside your country, charging your devices might be a headache due to the different standards of charging pins used around the world. You digital nomads will love the BESTEK Grounded Universal Plug Worldwide Plug Travel Adapter as it's the best travel converter and power adapter in the market.

  • These adapters are devoted to designing a mini portable with high performance grounded universal plug

  • ncludes, standard Type 3C for China, Type FR for France, Type UK for UK, Type JP for Japan/USA, Type IN for India, Type BR for Brazil, Type IS for Israel, and Type IT for Italy.

  • Internal metal interfaces offer good conductivity

  • Capacity Up to 3000 Watt Max (250 Volt max, 13 A)