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Custom Retreats for Remote Teams

This startup helps remote teams create meaningful company cultures using retreats.

Today, Rebel + Connect, a custom retreat planning company, announced that they are officially open for business! After a year of intensive startup development this female owned and operated company is excited to be entering this early growth stage of their startup journey.

Rebel + Connect offers three packages. The Discovery Package, retreat coaching, is designed to uncover a remote leader’s unique vision for their team’s custom retreat. The Atlas package, which builds off information gathered during the Discovery stage, is a retreat consulting service. At this level the Rebel + Connect team works to introduce remote leaders to the people, products, and services that will help them plan a successful retreat. Finally, the Concierge Package, project management, takes all the information gathered previously and brings the event to life.

When asked “Why remote teams?” Co-Founder and Director of Events said, “We have all been working remotely for years. We love the schedule flexibility and location independence that remote work allows. We also love the ability to collaborate across time zones, as well as, state and international borders! The only real downside to working remotely is feeling socially isolated from other team members and one’s larger community. When Charlie came to us with this idea of facilitating custom retreats for remote teams we couldn’t wait to get started!”

Co-founder and Director of Travel Rachel McGehee continues, “The early stages of business development have been fun and challenging. We all have experience working remotely, so that was nothing new. It's true that our combined skill sets of learning and development, travel, and event planning qualify us to consult on the development of custom retreats. It’s also true is that launching a fully distributed company requires hundreds of other proficiencies. I don’t think any of us anticipated the amount of time it would take to “go to market.”

Co-Founder and Director of Program Development Charlie Birch closed by saying, “We are a remote team of world travelers and life-long learners that believe the humanity of remote teams is what makes them so special. Remote teams promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.  Remote work is forecasted to be the new normal by 2020. Now imagine for a moment that all those remote workers become merely extensions of their computers, losing touch with their humanity. I think we can all agree that to solve the major social problems in the world we need more humanity not less. Our mission is to help remote teams across the globe find ways to celebrate their people and their company culture, because its in these area where a team finds its humanity. The primary way we do this is with custom retreats!”

About Rebel + Connect

Rebel + Connect
is a custom retreat planning company focused on helping remote teams create cultures of meaning. Owned and operated by Charlie Birch, Rachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, Rebel + Connect operates remotely and services remote teams from all across the globe. For more about our mission follow us on Instagram, Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn by clicking on our names above. Email us directly at Join our free facebook group here!