Press Release - Remote Work Summit 2018 Leadership, Team Building, & Company Culture


Remote Work Summit 2018

Leadership, Team Building, & Company Culture

Unplug From Technology - Plug-In To Life!

Today, Rebel + Connect, a custom retreat planning company, announced that they are hosting a Remote Work Summit at Eagle’s Retreats in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala from May 31st through June 4th of 2018 - just six months from now!

Remote leaders from across the globe are coming together to tackle remote work’s biggest problems:

  • Leadership

  • Social support

  • Hiring and Retention

  • Team Building

  • Collaboration

  • Internal Communication

  • Company Culture

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With the right resources at their disposal and a network of like-minded peers remote leaders can move beyond these growing pains and secure the future of remote work!

Co-Founder and Director of Program Development Charlie Birch shares, “Remote work is growing in popularity! While there are so many benefits to remote work, there are also unintended consequences. It is so important that leaders be proactive about humanizing the experience of working remotely, because at the end of the day the thing that makes remote teams so special - what sets a high performing team apart from a dysfunctional one - are the people themselves. The Remote Work Summit - above all else - is a vital reminder that we are not merely extensions of our computers, but rather we are human and that humanity is worth plugging into!”

Rebel + Connect’s Remote Work Summit strives to provide a harmonious blend of work, play, and rest by integrating personal and professional development, cultural immersion, and adventure travel.

For more information about event programing visit the event Lineup page. As speakers are confirmed and local activities and excursions are finalized this page will be updated accordingly.

Space is limited to invitation only, if you wish to apply for an invitation you may do so on the website.

Sponsorship opportunities are currently still available - also limited.

As a not-for profit event - it is a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on both remote and local community with one organized effort.  

All proceeds from the Remote Work Summit will fund community initiatives in San Marcos La Laguna. Konojel Community Center is a confirmed beneficiary of the event; Konojel’s mission is to reduce chronic malnutrition and endemic poverty in rural Guatemala. If and when additional non-profit partners are added the event’s social giving page will be updated.

About Rebel + Connect

Rebel + Connect is a custom retreat planning company focused on helping remote teams create cultures of meaning. Owned and operated by Charlie Birch, Rachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich, Rebel + Connect operates remotely and services remote teams from all across the globe. For more about our mission follow us on Instagram, Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn by clicking on our names above. Email us directly at Join our free facebook group here!