A Boston Guy On The Importance Of Positive Feedback On Remote Teams with Dave Will Ep. 12

Fire up your remote team with positive feedback and increase connection and productivity.

On this episode of Rebel + Connect Radio, Rebel + Connect’s Co-Founder and Director of Travel, Rachel McGehee, chats with Dave Will a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and the founder of two fantastic companies—Peach New Media and Prop Fuel.

Dave shares his entrepreneurial journey and how it has made him an expert in company culture and why it is key to remote team success. Dave shares his insight on how guide teams in creating a successful work environment as well as how to implement a feedback system within the team, great for motivating team members and increasing connection and productivity.

Prop Fuel is a great tool to “fire up your company culture.” So take a listen and hear about why feedback is crucial to your remote team’s success.

For more about Prop Fuel and our guest Dave Will head to www.propfuel.com.

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