Opening Up To Life - Turning Strangers Into Friends In The Digital Age with Carlyn Shaw Ep. 17

Remote teams, strangers to friends, making connections in the digital age and building company culture.

Don't let your remote team members be strangers!

Learn how to make real connections from Carlyn Shaw, Your Stranger To Friend! She is also an inspirational writer & speaker, an empowerment expert and a purveyor of personal strength.

In this episode, Carlyn shares with listeners her incredibly inspiring story as well as how Strangers to Friends came to be. Carlyn is a true example of what can happen when you lead with an open heart and speak your truth. She is a master connector and has a gift for helping people shift their stories and become the best versions of themselves.

Want to meet Carlyn in person? Connect with her at, attend one of her Strangers to Friends events, or meet her at Rebel + Connect's Remote Work Summit! She is hosting the kick-off party the first night of the event, and it is sure to be a treat.

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