Possess Remote Team Success - Value, Communication and Trust w/ Andrew McDonald Ep. 10

Remote work millennials who want to be successful.

Albert Einstein once said, "Try not to be a [person] of success. Rather become a [person] of value.”

Are you a remote team leader wondering if you are providing your team with value? Are you providing them with the proper resources so they can provide the best value to the company’s customer?

Are you a remote team member feeling stuck? Have you reached a plateau and wondering how to take it to the next level?

On this episode of Rebel + Connect Radio, Andrew McDonald, author, speaker and founder of Possess Your Success, chats with us about the three elements necessary for the success of any remote team: providing value, communication, and trust. Andrew shares with us ways to inspire your team’s creativity and increase your productivity.

Want to be able to trust that your team members and the team leader has everyone’s (and the company’s) best interest at heart?

Andrew guides his clients in a direction to make a huge impact in their own lives which then ripples out to impact others, their company and the globe.

So take a listen, and take your remote team to a place of increased value, communication and trust.

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