Rebel + Connect's Remote Work Summit - Don't Miss Your Chance to Experience This Organized Effort To Empower Remote and Local Communities

Remote team leaders come together to tackle remote work challenges while fighting malnutrition in rural Guatemala.

Learn more about our upcoming Remote Work Summit 2018 - and how you can qualify for a chance to win an EXCLUSIVE invitation and a chance to attend the VIP Sponsors Dinner, while also helping to fight chronic malnutrition in rural Guatemala!

⬇️ ⬇️ 3 Ways to Qualify to Win!!! ⬇️⬇️


➡️ #1 - (by the end of the week! FRIDAY December 8, 2017)

Over the next week, invite as many qualified people to the FB group.
Whoever invites the most qualified members to the group by Friday December 8 is our winner.

🏆 Prize = Named “Event Champion” and will receive an automatic invite to the event (no need to apply), and will have an invitation to the “Sponsor Dinner” at the event!


➡️ #2 - (can run until we fill up all fiscal sponsor spots)

Send fiscal sponsorship recommendation, receive 1 pt
Facilitate email or phone call introduction with a POC within the potential fiscal sponsorship organization, receive 2 pts
Referred potential fiscal sponsor comes on board and commits as a sponsor, receive 3 pts

Ex: You suggest Slack, 1pt for you; You introduce us via email or phone or video call with a decision maker at Google for sponsorship opportunities 2pts

Note: 3 is the MAX number of points you can receive per potential sponsor

🏆Prize: Named “Event Champion” and will receive free ticket to the event, and will have an invitation to the “Sponsor Dinner” at the event!


➡️ #3 - (will run until the event)

Winner: Whoever pulls in the most sponsorship dollars

🏆Prize = Named “Event Champion”, will receive free ticket to the event, will have an invitation to the “Sponsor Dinner” at the event, and will get free lodging for the event!

🍀🍀Good Luck!!! 🍀🍀

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