Remote Team Tools - How to Optimize Your Team's Tech and Improve Leadership with Wayne Turmel Ep. 9

Remote Team Tools - Optimize your distributed team's technology to improve leadership and increase company growth.

Did you know that ⅔ of online meeting time is considered wasted?

If you could get 10 minutes of real productivity back on every meeting you hold, would taking the time to learn your tech and teach leadership throughout your team be worth it? How soon do you think you would see the ROI on that investment?

It’s the little things that matter the most. We simply need to do things just a little bit better, and we can see massive results throughout our teams.

A study done in the UK found that teams felt commonly used remote team tools like Slack, WebX, etc were "mission critical." The study found that 80% of team members said yes, the tech is absolutely necessary to complete the tasks at hand and their work could not be completed without them. However, only 15% felt confident and competent in the use of their tools.

Does this sound like your team? What if it is and you don't even know it?

People tend to use the minimal amount of tech required in order to get on with their lives; just use the bare minimum to simply get the job done. Is this best for the success of your company though?

Success takes mindfulness and starts with “What are we trying to do?” More often than not though we are starting with “How do we do it?”

Wayne Turmel and the team at the Remote Leadership Institute take a mindful approach to the job of the remote leader. They tackle leadership first, and handle that leadership being remote second.

RLI will ask how is your team thinking about the work that needs to be done, then ask how do we do that remotely with the tools at our disposal? The last piece is how to best use the tools at hand.

Listen in and find out what a great asset Wayne and the RLI team will be to your remote team retreat!

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