2018 Virtual Summit Ticket

Remote Work Summit Virtual Content
Remote Work Summit Virtual Content

2018 Virtual Summit Ticket


Remote Work Summit 2018 Virtual Summit Ticket will gain you lifetime access to 13 sessions and 2 expert panels.

This content will help you become a more extraordinary leader, create high-performing teams, and build meaningful company cultures.

100% of profits from these tickets will continue to benefit Konojel + Fincas Buenas, our 2018 beneficiaries. Learn more about these 501(c)3 non profits here: http://www.rebelandconnect.co/social-giving

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This is an insanely incredible amount of value covering the ins and outs of developing yourself as a more successful remote leader, growing leaders within your team, building a strong company culture remotely, and increasing your online business development skills.

What people are saying...

“I came to Remote Work Summit to learn something new to take back to my work, but I am leaving with my soul filled, my-my-my emotions fulfilled, everything fulfilled - I’m going to be a better manager tomorrow, a better leader for the rest of my life, this has been the best five days I can honestly remember so thank you Remote Work Summit, it is much appreciated and I will see you next year!”
-- Kendall BurkeCustomer Happiness Manager at Acuity Scheduling

"I came here literally for 48 hours - and I’m telling you - I got at least 48 days worth of amazing experience out of this event so thank you Summer, thank you Rachel, thank you Rebel + Connect. I will be back. Next time, everybody come with me - it’s incredible!”
-- John Elston, Entrepreneur and #1 Best-Selling Author The Remote Revolution

"I came here with the expectation of going on vacation and seeing some cool sites, having some drinks, and I left meeting some of the most inspiring, impressive people I’ve ever been exposed to. If you’re watching this, if you’re looking for a way to get out of potentially your comfort zone, learn a whole bunch, meet an exceptional group of people, and just try something different, I can’t think of a better opportunity than this. Check it out!”
-- Aaron ParkerVice President of Customer Experience at Second Closet and host of The Lucky Few Podcast

"Not only did we learn from some incredible individuals and leaders, but the community which was brought together for this amazing event blended not only education and professional development, but giving back to the community, and also just incredible transformative connections and experiences! If you have the opportunity to attend in the future, absolutely block out the time, book your ticket, and enjoy in the life-changing and life-enforcing experience with amazing people in an amazing location!”
-- Marty Imes, Founder & Company Culture Consultant at CultureStoke