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“With the current use of digital project management tools, we often lose track of details, become visually overwhelmed, and lack a clear sense of flow and direction. We institute large systems that idealize complex answers for complex situations - leaving most people feeling like they’re trapped in a Dilbert cartoon. We can incorporate digital systems for maintenance, but there is value and clarity behind using a hand-written, kinesthetic approach, to map out an implementation plan. This approach does not over complicate the solution and allows for repeatable systems to be emerge, be carefully crafted, and put into place.”
— Shannon Townsend





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Goodbye Overwhelm, Hello Productivity: Brain Dumps and Getting Shit Done
This training recording is available to all VIP members indefinitely in the Media Library.





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Shannon suggest booking her services a minimum of 6 months in advance.

Shannon's rates are dependent on scope of work + size of group + distance traveled.

Shannon offers virtual services and will travel locally, nationally, and internationally to deliver in- person services.



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