What you get

Retreat Project Management

Now it's time to bring your retreat to life, connect with your team, and enjoy the adventure!





Stress Less

  • We work with your team to develop a custom retreat agenda.
  • We book all the facilitators your team needs.
  • We book everyone's flights.
  • We arrange everyone's ground transportation.
  • We book everyone's lodging and other space rental needs.
  • We make and confirm catering and dining arrangements.
  • We schedule team activities.

Rest Assured

  • Our team of professionals will track all the details leading up to, during, and after your retreat.

Work ZERO, Play Hard, Rest Fully

  • We will have staff on that ground to oversee the retreat as it unfolds, so leave the details to us.




Bonus 1

Our Discovery Package guides you through all of the necessary steps to determine what your vision actually looks like and how it complements your team.


Bonus 2

Our Atlas Package provides you with your own personalized catalogue that offers vetted providers for your choosing.


Bonus 3

Access to the Rebel + Connect remote jobs board Rebel Now. Start recruiting your ideal team members today!


Bonus 4

OneRebel + Connect Radio Ad Spot. Get the word out about your remote company culture, products and services.




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