In our Heart of Hearts


We are humanitarians at heart and we are committed to having a positive impact on the communities we interact with.



We Practice What We Preach


We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit includes the
observation of problems and identification of
well thought-­out solutions.

All of our retreats include a community outreach component of the client's choosing. This outreach can range from an educational talk to hands on community service.


We believe that female empowerment benefits everyone and starts with each woman
finding her unique voice and achieving financial independence.

We donate 10% of all Rebel + Connect coaching and consulting profits to fund micro-loans for female
entrepreneurs from across the globe.


We believe that local communities are the backbone of society and these local communities must be
celebrated and supported.

All profits from our annual event will be donated to a charity that serves the host community. Additionally, we support our clients in making conscious donations to the communities that host their custom retreats.


We believe that life is made better through
shared experiences, exploring the amazing diversity of this planet, optimal health, and personal development.

Our retreats bring remote teams together in real time to explore concepts like leadership, team building, and health & wellness in multicultural and experiential ways, and most importantly celebrate their humanity.


We believe that the future is in
collaboration rather than ruthless competition.

Win­-win collaborations with travel, event, health & wellness, and coaching & training professionals are the foundation of the work we do at Rebel + Connect. Our network of vetted service providers not only gives our clients access to high quality retreat resources, but also allows us to honor and celebrate the amazing entrepreneurial professionals in our individual industries.


We believe that knowledge gives power not over others, but over
ourselves and our realities.

Our blog, podcast, and webinars all provide educational content at no cost.