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Rebel + Connect draws inspirations from your team's unique needs.
Anything you can envision, we can research, plan, and execute creating a truly custom retreat that incorporates the perfect mix of:

💡cutting edge science in health and wellness, team building, and leadership💡

❤️ embodiment of individual company values ❤️

👐 community service & philanthropy 👐

🌱 proximity to nature 🌱

🌐 immersive travel adventures 🌐

All Rebel + Connect services will result in a
100% custom company retreat tailored to the exact needs of your remote team!

💝 10% of every sale goes towards social giving 💝
Rest easy knowing that your investment and positive impact reaches far beyond your team.




Products and Services



  • Discovery Package: One-on-one coaching on program development, company travel, and event management. Rebel against the norm and gain vision clarity.
  • Atlas Package: Customized consulting to guide you to the right retreat service providers. Connections are key.
  • Concierge Package: Project management to help you bring your retreat vision to life. Celebrate human connections in your digital world!

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Why Retreats for remote teams?


You are a huge advocate of remote work. You save money gas, reduce commutes, increase productivity, and more. Unfortunately, in solving these problems you may have created another.


Remote workers spend an exorbitant amount of time communicating through computers
with team members they've never met in person.


Remote workers need a way to rebel against their new norm of social isolation, eyes glued to the screen.


Retreats feed the undeniable desire to reconnect with
ourselves, others, and this amazing world without giving up these new remote lifestyles.

We have all participated in our fair share of stale and lifeless networking events,
drab conferences, bland training weekends, and mediocre company trips.


Before you say, "That's not for me,"
consider that there is a better way to connect that is


fun, impactful, and human!


At Rebel + Connect we encourage remote leaders to create cultures of meaning
by cultivating rebellion, harmony, adventure, impact, and connection using custom retreats.


Retreats allow team members to rebel against the norm of 40 + hours in front of a computer screen
by facilitating connections with self, others, and nature.


Our retreats allow team members to rebel against their comfort zones
and connect with new ways of seeing the world.


Whether you have just begun to consider the use of retreats or are a long time retreat user,
we want to help you take it to the next level!


If you are ready to rebel against
airport hotel conference centers, stale PowerPoint presentations, and rows of folding tables with stiff chairs,
we are here to connect you with the support you need.


Don't settle for less than your deserve!


Rebel + Connect!