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We offer custom company retreat planning services. We facilitate deep + Meaningful Connections through events and experiences that rebel against the cookie-cutter, one-retreat-fits-all.


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Remotely Distributed Teams



A different kind of company retreat

Retreats are a great way for remote teams to build the solid foundation of trust, respect, and community required to cultivate a high-performing culture!

Whether you have just begun to consider the use of retreats or are a long time retreat user,
we want to help you take it to the next level!

Your team is unique and a one size fits all company retreat just won't cut it!

Unlike other retreat planning companies that offer you canned retreat packages,
Rebel + Connect draws inspirations from your team's unique needs.
Anything you can envision, we can research, plan, and execute creating a truly custom retreat that incorporates the perfect mix of:

πŸ’‘cutting edge science in health and wellness, team building, and leadershipπŸ’‘

❀️ embodiment of individual company values ❀️

πŸ‘ community service & philanthropy πŸ‘

🌱 proximity to nature 🌱

🌐 immersive travel adventures 🌐

All Rebel + Connect services will result in a
100% custom company retreat tailored to the exact needs of your remote team!


πŸ’ 10% of every sale goes towards social giving πŸ’
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Acuity Scheduling, Kendall Burke, Customer Happiness Manager

β€œI came to [this event] to learn something new to take back to my work, but I am leaving with my soul filled, my emotions fulfilled, everything fulfilled - I’m going to be a better manager tomorrow, a better leader for the rest of my life, this has been the best five days I can honestly remember so thank you…it is much appreciated and I will see you next year!”

β€” Kendall Burke, Customer Happiness Manager, Acuity Scheduling

β€œI am a remote worker out of BC, Canada. I came down for the Rebel + Connect conference in San Marcos La Laguna. It was awesome, it was hard to get here - but that made it even better. We met lots of great people, lots of great connections and I highly recommend it for anybody who gets the chance.”

β€” Spencer Cox, Director, IoT Solutions at SensorUp Inc.

IoT Solutions at SensorUp Inc.  Spencer Cox,  Director
THE REMOTE REVOLUTION  John Elston  #1 Bestselling Author

β€œThis was an unbelievable weekend. I came here literally for 48 hours - and I’m telling you - I got at least 48 days worth of amazing experience out of this event so thank you Summer, thank you Rachel, thank you Rebel + Connect. I will be back. Next time, everybody come with me - it’s incredible!”

β€” John Elston, #1 Bestselling Author THE REMOTE REVOLUTION


β€œMarty Imes, coming from Guatemala and I just want to take a couple moments to thank Summer, Rachel, and the entire Rebel + Connect community for putting together an absolutely incredible, transformative [event]. Not only did we learn from some incredible individuals and leaders, but the community which was brought together for this amazing event blended not only education and professional development, but giving back to the community, and also just incredible transformative connections and experiences! If you have the opportunity to attend in the future, absolutely block out the time, book your ticket, and enjoy in the life-changing and life-enforcing experience with amazing people in an amazing location!”

β€” Marty Imes, Culture Strategist at CultureStoke 

CultureStoke Marty Imes, Culture Strategist
Yoga Instructor, Asistente administrativo en Hotel Pacande, Julian Goulcher

β€œI was here to teach yoga and do a fire show for the event I had a great time, I loved watching people coming in as strangers and leaving as friends and having such a nice interaction and you can actually feel the way everyone grew up a little bit , helped by the magic of the place, and all the nature around so it was a full package. I will probably be around more the next time. Pura Vida.”

β€” Julian Goulcher, Yoga Instructor + Asistente administrativo en Hotel Pacande


β€œAll I know is when I came to [the event] I was empty inside and now I feel like I am fulfilled...my soul is complete.”

β€” Chris Dyer, The Power of Company Culture, Bestselling Author

The Power of Company Culture Chris Dyer Bestselling Author
Second Closet  Director of Customer Experience The Lucky Few Podcast  Aaron Parker

β€œHi everyone, my name is Aaron Parker and I’m the host and founder of The Lucky Few Podcast and on an executive committee of a startup in Toronto and I’m here in Guatemala at this incredible Rebel + Connect conference because I had the opportunity of interviewing the hosts Summer and Rachel before they started this...now I came here with the expectation of going on vacation and seeing some cool sites, having some drinks, and I left meeting some of the most inspiring, impressive people I’ve ever been exposed to…if you’re looking for a way to get out of potentially your comfort zone, learn a whole bunch, meet an exceptional group of people, and just try something different, I can’t think of a better opportunity than this. Check it out!”

β€” Aaron Parker, Director of Customer Experience at Second Closet + Host of The Lucky Few Podcast


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