How to Design The Best Retreat Swag Bags - Spoil Your Remote Team of Digital Nomads with These Must Have Products & Offers

 Remote Team Company Retreat Swag Bag Digital Nomads 

When you are taking your team on a company retreat, planning a summit or conference, or hosting a big event in town it’s a great idea (and also the norm these days) to provide swag bags.

There has been a debate over whether they are called “swag bags” or “schwag bags” - the consensus I found after doing some research online is that they are called swag bags. The root of the name doesn’t seem to be known, but the acronym for SWAG has been expanded as “Stuff We All Get.”

When planning an event and choosing what items to put in the swag bag, it is important to figure out the why for the event and the who of your attendees.

Our team is wrapping up plans for Remote Work Summit 2018 and we have a great swag bag specifically created for leaders of remote teams (the who) who coming to Guatemala to unplug from technology and plug in to life!


These remote leaders are attending Remote Work summit to improve their leadership skills, enhance their team building roadmap, and to create and maintain an exquisite company culture.

Attendees of Remote Work Summit are getting a lot of bang for their buck - that includes the swag bag contents in addition to the information sessions, cultural and natural immersion excursions, networking opportunities, and the evening events!

Below you will see the awesome gifts included in the Remote Work Summit attendee swag bags:

In addition to the tangible gifts above, all Remote Work Summit attendees will receive these special offers for our summit collaborators:

  • Recourse Global will offer a gift voucher for 5 trainings in the value of $350 for free to each Remote Work Summit 2018 attendee. The Foundations of Working Remotely online training is a holistic onboarding training for newly hired remote team members. It introduces the basic necessities for working in a virtual team from home. It provides guidance and practical exercises as a way to prepare, both mentally and physically, for a successful remote working experience. The course coaches the trainee into creating the discipline, schedule and rhythm needed for creating and maintaining a true work-life balance that maintains health and prevents burnout.The course lasts 1 hour and includes 2 hours of exercises.

  • 15% discount for anything on the Mala Forest website; Mala Forest is a nonprofit that exists to inspire people to live harmoniously and to thrive on Earth.

  • BOGO coupon for a Personalized Virtual Workplace compliments of Walkabout Workplace! Buy a month, get a month free for up to 2 years. Savings for your team are $120-$180/person a year!

  • A discount for FreeeUp - a resource to help you hire the top freelancers to grow your business.

  • One of our videographers for Remote Work Summit, Andover Media, is offering 10% off of their services.

  • SurveySaurus is giving out a free survey to each remote leader - these surveys help remote leaders to attract and retain their remote team members through continuous feedback on company culture and leadership.

  • 40% discount on Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workplace written by summit collaborator, Trina Hoefling

  • Tortuga Backpacks is giving each attendee an offer for 15% off anything on their website.

  • The Career Introvert - 20% off of a 6 month coaching package or 10% off of a 3 month coaching package.

  • Following the success of Remote Forever Summit in 2017 and attracting 2000 attendees from all around the world, Remote Forever Summit 2018 will happen in November 2018. Just like last year, it will offer both free tickets and premium tickets to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Through free tickets, you can access to videos as they go live according to a pre-defined schedule; and by purchasing a premium ticket, you get access to the recorded videos of this year and the previous year at any time you want on any device you like, plus unique and valuable bonuses (books, courses, etc.) from the speakers. The 2018 edition of Remote Forever Summit will include a few collaborative sessions with attendees and live workshops to help you learn deeper and internalize your learnings from the seminars and interviews. As an attendee of Remote Work Summit, you will get to be the first to know about the ticket sales and on top of that you can get a 50% discount on the premium tickets!

  • 15% off Clark & Mayfield products - these bags are perfect for remote leaders as they allow leaders to easily carry their laptops and other remote work essentials!

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Swag bags are great because every attendee gets awesome gifts to remember the event by. Events also often have drawings for door prizes and it’s a great idea to keep in mind the who and the why for these prizes as well so that any attende will appreciate prizes they win. Remote Work Summit has some great door prize giveaways that each ticket purchaser has the opportunity to win! More collaborations are getting finalized as well.

Door prizes that attendees can win:




Are you interested in becoming a summit collaborator by donating products for the swag bag or door prizes? If so, please comment or send me an e-mail at [email protected] so that we can connect!


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